Zhejiang Greentown's unique kit

Photo by Zhejiang Greentown
Zhejiang Greentown is a Chinese club side who play in the second tier on the Chinese football pyramid. Last season they brought out a quality kit, that displayed parts of their region, this time they have gone even further.

Greentown's picture display kit this season

Zhejiang Greentown has released, and are playing in a pretty unique kit. It has different pictures all over it, displaying the best parts of their region that we presume they're extremely proud of.

We are unclear if it works or not, we are unsure if we even like it or not, but what we do know, is we need to try and purchase one before the season is out. The only reason we want it is because its so bloody unique.

The away kit is more subtle

Photo by Zhejiang Greentown

The away kit applies the same format with a little more subtly. It isn't as in your face as the home kit but still shows off what the club is proud about in their region. Personally, the away kit works better we think, but as the home one is so unique we will likely try to add that to our small, but growing collection of shirts.

We hope that if Greentown ever makes it to the Chinese Super League that they keep on producing such unique kits, and don't get the generic and plainly boring Nike kits that the Chinese Super League is tied to. As far as I can tell every shirt is basically a plain Nike training top with a badge embroidered. Long live Greentown's uniqueness in a world of generic and bland football templates, even if the kits they knock out are a success or a failure.

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