Wei Shihao suspension

In a news story this week I feel this summed Chinese football up to a tee. Often I read about the game in China and shake my head at one thing or another but this one really took it too far. This was seen with the Guangzhou Evergrande attacker Wei Shihao suspended by his club. 

Why was Wei Shihao suspended?

Then if you have not heard the story about Wei why do you think he would be suspended? Did he break club curfew, did he miss training or did he make a bad tackle while playing for his country? The answer is, unfortunately, the latter. As you can see from below it was a poor tackle but for his club to suspend him seems very odd.

Although this is China and losing face is a big part of the culture, it would seem then that Wei showed China in a bad light and they lost face. I mean if you were to ask me I'd rather see all the players suspended by their clubs after their shocking displays for the national side.

Meanwhile, while the suspension is a month there's a chance that the club could release the player from his contract after he broke the leg of the Uzbekistan player in the challenge. The side said this on this whole situation;
The club has decided to give Wei Shihao a one-month suspension and the player should report to the club's human resources department to have a deep self-examination, The club will decide if he will be expelled based on his self-examination. 
Before the new Chinese Super League season, our club published a series of new regulations to better manage the players. We have higher requirements on our players, but Wei Shihao seriously violated the regulations during the China Cup.
The players had his own say too as he said;
I am very sorry and I did not expect that my tackle could cause such a serious injury, I realised he was badly injured and I am really sorry about that foul. 
I sincerely apologise. Legs are very important to a football player, and nobody wants to hurt anyone. I hadn't touched the ball for a long time before the foul. I wanted to do something to slow their pace. It's truly unexpected to hurt him that badly.

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