Taiwan's new shirt

Taiwan's CTFA and Ango (the kit maker) have been promoting Taiwan's new shirt for a while now, with fans complaining there was no way of buying it. Well now, we finally managed to get our hands on the new shirt, and even though the design is a bit bland, we think it is a success and here is why:

A better fit

When I received the shirt in the post, I was worryingly expecting it to be like the previous shirts and by that I mean made out of that horrible skintight material that grips to your body like you're supposed to be a well chiseled athlete. Well for those of you who don't know me, I can be described as a more rotund looking bloke, so I was dreading opening this, and the shirt expecting me to have a body made to represent Italy at the World Cup.

What did happen, is when I put it on, I thought it fit brilliantly, one word of advice though, would be to definitely measure yourself. Asian sized football shirts are notoriously on the small side, and this Taiwan shirt I just bought is supposedly 3XL however, it is the same as my Puma Newcastle shirts which claim to be XL - they're best described as Asian sizes. So the first key point, is compared to all previous Taiwan shirts, they're a better fit.

The material doesn't feel like you're wearing thick wool dressing gown to the footy

So you're designing a kit for Taiwan's national football team, you're in a country that is hot most of the year around, and what did the last kit makers decide on doing, you guessed it they decided to use material that is the thickest I have seen on any international teams football kits. You would think that they were hosting games in the Arctic Circle.  When I wore the last ones to matches, I would be drowned in my own sweat before I even got there and that is never a good look wherever you are or whatever you're doing.

The new Taiwan shirt on the other hand is like most other shirts the world over and uses that thinner kind of material which is often used. That is another reason why I am now a fan of this new shirt, it's lighter which means I mean not be honking of sweat before I even got to the ground. God help the players if they had to play in that last shirt, it would have been impossible!

The negatives

The design of the shirt is a bit bland, and that is putting it kindly, there isn't any defining Taiwanese features on it, which TorStar the previous kit makers became extremely good at. They would always manage to incorporate some Taiwanese features which would give the shirts a very unique feel. 

Unfortunately there is nothing uniquely Taiwanese on this shirt. We best be getting on the phone to new kit makers Ango before they have their own ideas about what is uniquely Taiwanese, and get them to print a huge bowl of stinky tofu on it. Then we can scream at Taiwan, Come On the Tofu Bowl!

Anyway, for me the only downside is the kit design itself, if they had have had some distinct Taiwanese defining features I think they could have produced the best Taiwanese shirt ever. What gives it the thumbs up from us is the fit, and the material rather than the design. So if you care more about fit and feel it will be a winner for you, if the design is your thing, is will be rubbish. 

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