Taiwan defender Chen Ting-yang moves to Hong Kong

Taiwan Hong Kong Lee Man FC

Another Taiwanese defender has made the move to the Hong Kong Premier League, this time Chen Ting-yang, who is nicknamed little sheep has made the move to Hong Kong Premier League side Lee Man FC.

Chen Ting-yang moves to Lee Man

Chen Ting-yang has been one of Taiwan's better performers in the national over a consistent period of time, and now has made the move to Hong Kong Premier League side Lee Man. He follows in the footsteps of Wang Ruei who recently moved to Yuen Long.

Both Chen Ting-yang and Wang Ruei will be hoping to make an impact in Taiwan, as it's extremely difficult for them to follow a football career in Taiwan without having any kind of professional league setup. Wang Ruei give an interview about this recently to a Hong Kong paper (but it is in Chinese) where he basically says, loads of Taiwanese football players (and other athletes) give up sports because they need to find a way to support their life financially.

In Taiwan it is difficult to continue playing sports, so most drop out after college, or high school because everyone needs to have a future and right now there is no clear pathway for anyone who wants to be a footballer in Taiwan. The only option is to make a career outside of Taiwan, like the handful of players who have moved to China have done. If you cannot make it outside of Taiwan then you may as well set your sights on a different profession if you want to earn a living. It's unfortunate it is like this, but there's no hiding from the fact that this is the way it is at this point in time. Could it change? It could. Will it change? If it does, it won't be for a long time, so hopefully for the good of football these guys can do well in Hong Kong and maybe open more doors for others in the future.

Hong Kong a good move for Taiwan's players

Hong Kong is a good league to move to for Taiwanese players, because the smaller teams in the league don't have a huge budget, and Taiwanese players won't cost a lot to sign. The language barrier could possibly be bridged quickly, considering there are a lot of people in Hong Kong who are capable of speaking Mandarin, and the league is a lot more professional than Taiwan's.

The level is higher, and you get to compete against a lot more varied types of players, as in Hong Kong they have better foreign imports than what play in Taiwan's league. The move to Hong Kong seems a good fit for Taiwanese players because there isn't a lot of options open to them.

The countries where Taiwanese players are likely to move to are China and Hong Kong more so than any others I would imagine. China will be the highest level, and good because there will be no language barrier at all, but as the level is higher then it is harder for Taiwanese players to get a move there. There are a handful of players there, and Chen Po-Liang is the captain of his second division club Zhejiang Greentown, but none Taiwanese players play in the Chinese Super League. And I believe there are only 3 or 4 in total playing in China, so therefore Hong Kong could act as a bridge for players to improve and learn what it is like to play in a more professional league. We hope they do make an impact and open doors. Good luck to them both.

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