Manchester City to play a pre-season game in Japan

Japan Manchester City

Manchester City have announced that they will be heading to Japan to play a friendly against one of their sister clubs (part of their attempt at a football monopoly - City group) Yokohama F-Marinos.

Man City to play in Japan

Manchester City will be playing a pre-season friendly in Japan against their City Group club Yokohama F-Marinos, this game is being promoted as the inaugural EuroJapan cup which is obviously just another glorified friendly which they've tried to gloss over with a tacky cup.

The game will take place at Nissan Stadium, the home of Yokohama F-Marinos, and as of yet there is no ticket information. According to the blurb on Man City's press release the club have a huge, passionate fan base in Japan.  This is something I find very difficult to believe as most fans in Asia nearly always seem to like Liverpool or Manchester United, regardless of how much Man City have spent or won, still mostly Manchester United or Liverpool.

It will most likely be a sell out anyway, because of the players who Man City have in their squad, but to claim everyone who shows up to watch it has an interest in supporting Man City would be absurd. Most likely a lot of Japanese football fans will just be excited to see players like Sergio Aguero play and I have no doubt that they'd most likely rock up and watch any top 6 Premier League team play a friendly in Japan just because of the players these teams have in their squads. That is also why the big clubs fly all over the world now to play in pretendy tournaments which should be dubbed, the milking the teets cup. 

More Asian dates to be announced

Manchester City's statement said that the game in Japan won't be the last of their games in Asia as they are working to finalise more dates. I would highly expect that they might show up for some games in China, because of the money that can be made in China now by the huge clubs. So I am guessing they'll at least play a game or two in China.

Apart from China, where they'll end up playing is anyone's guess. Whoever bids the most to host the games, will be the ones most likely to get the fixtures. This is the sad reality at the top of football these days, teams will go where the money is. People will argue they're a business which they are, but I used to enjoy seeing local sides benefit from playing against clubs at the top of the English pyramid. Gone seem the days when the top Premier League clubs decide to play friendlies against local non-league sides. Those friendlies are a great benefit to the local teams coffers, but no doubt the clubs make bundles and bundles of cash from playing pre-season in Asia and North America. The Manchester derby in pre-season was a shambles, you should never have such a game as pre-season.

Anyway, if you're interested in catching Man City in Asia, keep your eyes peeled for the dates of their fixtures, and where they'll be as they announce more Asian dates. We are sure they'll be played in front of full stadiums, therefore justifying the decision on the business side of things.

Man City won't be the only top Premier League side heading to Asia for pre-season. We are sure a lot of others will too. So keep your eyes peeled for your favourite team.

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