Korean player sent off

It is always interesting to see how East Asian players are doing in Europe and this week we look at Lee Seung-Woo watch. The youngster who as already got fans in Korea excited about his potential this weekend saw red, playing for his club Hellas Verona. 

A proper challenge 

Then picture this your team are drawing 1-1 you're fighting for promotion to the top flight and every point counts. Then with five minutes to go after your teams attacked and attacked your side is caught on the counter-attack. The opposition is running towards goal looking to make it 2-1, what is it you do? That is right you kick and stop them in any way you can.

This is at least what I would do but I have been brought up on Scottish football. Although it looks like Lee Seung-Woo agrees as this is what the young Korean did too. It could be said the 21-year-old lost his head as he took down the Ascoli player but it does show the player commitment to the shirt.

His challenge, however, was reckless and from behind, there was also no need for it in the cold light of day. The opposition was on the attack but there was plenty of defenders back and am sure Lee will regret his decision to go flying into the back of Cavion the player on the receiving end of the foul.

You could see the disappointment in the face of Lee too, as he walked off the pitch with his shirt over his face. I for one hope that he bounces back and will learn from this mistake as he helps Verona to Serie A not least because along with Lee his teammate Liam Henderson is one of my favourite footballers. Lee Seung-Woo will hopefully return to first team action after his suspension too.

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