Jordi Cruyff talks about the Chinese Super League

Shandong Luneng

Jordi Cruyff, the Chongqing Lifan manager has given a positive interview about life in China, and the Chinese Super League to the BBC. He spoke about big name imports, China's desire to improve football, and how spicy the food can be. 

Cruyff predicts China to be a dominant force  

Jordi Cruyff says that he expects China to become one of the most dominant teams in world football if they continue putting the same level of investment into the game for the next 10 to 15 years. He did point out they need to create better footballers by the age of 8 rather than 15, and that would be a good sign that things are improving.

If the investment does continue, Cruyff says that China will come close to winning the World Cup, and that it simply comes down to numbers. China have millions of people, and if they keep pumping millions into youth football every year, at some point everything will click together. When that happens they could easily become a dominant force to be reckoned with. 

China loves big names

Most people likely knew this already, but China loves big name players. The reason is because they want the league to gain more recognition on the world stage, and by signing well known players they believe this gives them a certain amount of recognition they're looking for.

Cruyff reckons if he was offered Felliani and his club could afford to buy him, he would of snapped him up in minutes. He went on to state that Felliani's physical strength will be a massive assets in the CSL (Chinese Super League) and that he will be one of the strongest in the league.

Felliani has joined Shandong Luneng, where he will be joined by ex-Southampton forward Graziano Pelle who is also a big lad. Cruyff reckons that because Shandong have themselves a couple of units, that they will be going direct this season and a lot of teams will struggle to cope with that.

I live in the spicy part of town

Cruyff says that adjusting to China can be difficult for a lot of people, but his philosophy to it all, is that you should just give things a try. This has been dangerous so far for Cruyff, who said he lives in the part of the city with the spiciest food, and he is even scared to buy a cookie at times for the fear of it burning a hole in his mouth.

He did however make a great point, if you only eat an apple every day, you'll never know what a banana tastes like. What he really means is, you have to give stuff a try or how can you ever say if you like it or not. Cruyff doesn't sound like the type of bloke who would have a problem living anywhere in the world to me, and these types of managers are the ones who will eventually be a major success somewhere in the world.

Cruyff already achieved minor success by keeping Shandong in the CSL, and with the league kicking off again this evening, it will be interesting to see how high up the table they will finish with him getting a full season at the club.

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