Crystal Palace's Will Donkin wanted by Chinese Clubs

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Crystal Palace and Taiwan attacking midfielder Will Donkin have been linked with a move to the Chinese Super League, with both Hebei CFFC and newly promoted Shenzen linked with the young midfield prodigy.

Willy Donks linked to China move

Will Donkin is on a trajectory to becoming one of the biggest footballers there has ever been in Taiwan. That news hasn't been missed in China, where they are currently trying to hoover up any talent that has 'Chinese' connections through family ties or other such connections like being born in the country.

The Sun claims that both clubs see him as a superstar in the making, and he is in Taiwan, but how much that will transcend to the world stage depends on his development and if it continues to progress as it is now. If things keep progressing the way they are now, then they are no doubt he could play at the top level for most of his career.

Chinese clubs are currently looking for foreign players they can sign who they can naturalise or who they can fit into their squad quotas. As Donkin is a Taiwanese international then he could take up the foreign squad spot in a team that can be allocated to players from Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau. If the clubs can find a player at a level they think will benefit the squad then it offers more flexibility to work within the CFA's (Chinese Football Association) rules. Each squad can have 4 foreign players registered but only 3 can play at one time. If I have understood the rules correctly (the CFA change them all the bloody time!) then the Taiwanese/Hong Kong or Macau players don't count towards this foreign player quota which is the benefit in looking to sign them.

Coleman will no doubt have connections to clubs, and people in the know back in the UK and is likely to know all about Donkin. If he doesn't, then we reckon he could use whatever connections he has to find out all he needs to know about him. We're not surprised that Coleman would show interest with the rules of the league take into consideration and his assumed contacts back in Blighty. Donkin looks quality and will no doubt be a brilliant acquisition for any Chinese club, even at his tender age. However, would it be a good move for a kid with so much potential moving to China at such an early stage of his career?  

Would it be a good move? 

Would move to China be a good move for big Willy Donks? I personally don't think it would, I reckon he would be better off staying at Palace, and trying to get some loan moves to lower leagues in England.

If he does the business during his loan spells then there is more chance he can get a look in, in the future for the Palace first team. Even if he never gets into the Palace first team, the loan moves would put him in the thoughts of other managers around the UK.

If Donkin decides to move to China at such a young age, it could easily be a case of, out of sight and out of mind which could turn out disastrous in the end if things don't work out in China. Then if he wanted to move back to the UK without any kind of first team games under his belt, he could struggle to get a club.

I don't think there is any chance he will make a bad decision about his career though, even at such a young age because he seems to be pretty grounded and that can only be down to his parents, and friends around him. He is also very well educated, which helps when it comes to making serious life decisions at such a young age, that's not to suggest everyone with great education will make much better decisions than someone with a poor educational background 100% of the time because they won't, but Willy Donks is some boy and he is definitely grounded, so Taiwan doesn't need to worry yet about their potential superstar making a terrible decision that could damage his career before its barely begun.

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