Busan IPark sign Hungarian striker

Busan IPark has signed Hungarian forward Soma Novothny from Ujpest who compete in Nemzeti Bajnoks√°g I which is the highest level of Hungarian football. 

To continue building his career in South Korea

An article in Nemzeti Sport (the article is in Hungarian)  has shared the news that Novothny's transfer to Busan IPark was a permanent transfer, and he has moved to South Korea to build a career there. Maybe he has seen other players having success in moving to Korea and doing well there, or moving onto other leagues around the world and thinking he wants a piece of that. He could have just been excited by the opportunity of moving to Korea in general, who knows, either way, he sounds like he is determined to be a success which will be good news for Busan IPark.

He was second top goalscorer in the Hungarian top tier, and if his highlights reel on Youtube is anything to go by, then he looks brilliant with his head. I didn't count them but if I was to guess I would say 50% of his goals came from headers, the other 50% came from a mixture of goals from inside the six yards box, or from penalties. Bearing these types of goals in mind, then it looks like Busan IPark has signed themselves a proper target man. There was only 1 goal on his highlights reel that could be considered further out than six yards, and it was still inside the box. It doesn't matter if you score from two yards out, or worldie it in like Messi, they all count and Busan won't be complaining how he makes the net bulge.

Busan will be hoping he will bring the goals that fire them over the line, and into the K1 which is South Korea's top division and they just missed out on getting there last season, when they lost out in the playoffs to FC Seoul. If he manages to do that, then he will for sure set himself up for a good career in South Korea, then it could be whatever Novothny wanted it to be, be it to make a brilliant career with Busan IPark, or stepping to something he considers bigger.

Either way, get the goals to get them promoted and the choice will be yours (Novothny) just like the National Lottery likes to tell everyone on a weekly basis. Let us know if you think Novothny will fire Busan IPark into the K-1 League.

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