claim Taiwan will play Indonesia friendly - information looks incorrect

Taiwan will reportedly play a friendly in March against Indonesia according to but we believe that this information is likely to be incorrect because of up and coming fixture conflicts involving Taiwan in March.

Taiwan have friendlies scheduled in March

Taiwan already have two listed friendlies in March which means that the senior team couldn't possibly be playing in Indonesia at the same time. Either Xinhua's information isn't correct of it could be a youth team playing in Indonesia.

We, however, believe that Xinhua's information doesn't look to be correct because as we posted on this site the other day, new Taiwan manager Louis Lancaster's first games will be Myanmar away and the Solomon Islands at home with both of those games taking place in the March international window.

With the games against Myanmar and the Solomon Islands taking place in the March international window, there doesn't seem to be any free space to play Indonesia, and this is why we believe that look to be wrong in regards to this information. 

Malaysia invitational friendly looks to be incorrect too

A while back I found some information that Taiwan would take part in a four-team invitational friendly tournament hosted by Malaysia. The tournament was apparently going to competed between Malaysia, Taiwan, India and Indonesia.

This tournament was also supposed to be taking place in March, either the information we found was wrong, or the Malaysian FA couldn't manage to get the idea off the ground. It's a shame because a four-team friendly tournament is a good idea.

One of the key issues for that could have been that there is only a small time window due to the allocated Fifa international weekends, which would mean two games would have to play on one day. It's not impossible to do that but some teams may have not wanted to and therefore would have rejected the invite meaning the tournament wouldn't be able to get the go ahead.

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