Burnley supporting football development in inner Mongolia

Burnley Football Club are supporting football in Inner Mongolia through their Burnley in the Community section of their club which is a charity supporting grassroots football. They have worked with together with their oversees development team to help grassroots projects in the country. 

Burnley supporting grassroots football in China  

Burnley have made contact with the Inner Mongolian Football Association and Lan'ao Football Club in order to support the development of community football and grassroots coach education in the region.

The team who arrived from Burnley toured different indoor and outdoor sports facilities throughout the city of Tongliao which will be used for delivering football provisions to people from the region. This is a part of Burnley Football Clubs mission to create a footprint on the football landscape that is China.

With a lot of clubs heading to China offering this sort of thing, Burnley will have their work cut out for them to sell the club, but they sound like they're operating in a better way than more world famous clubs who have rocked up to China offering fancy football schools to rake in buckets of RMB.

The operation's aim

The main aim of the project is to eventually be able to have exchange programs between Burnley and clubs in Inner Mongolia. Maybe one day in the future Burnley might unearth a couple of gems through this, as unlikely as it sounds it is it a distant possibility that could become a reality in the future.

With football expanding to more remote regions around the World, football clubs are now casting their net further afield than ever before in their search for potential future superstars. It is nice to see a club like Burnley thinking outside the box a little bit by going to a region other clubs will possibly ignore for more glitzy and wealthy destinations.

For anyone unaware Inner Mongolia is China, not Mongolia.

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