Taiwan appoint Louis Lancaster as new manager

Photo from the CTFA 

Taiwan declared on Friday afternoon at a press conference that ex-assistant manager Louis Lancaster had been hired as the new manager of the Taiwan national team. This will be Lancaster's first full-time management job, and it was announced alongside Taiwan's new kit and women's team manager. 

The press conference can be found on the CTFA (Chinese Taipei Football Association) Facebook page. When on their page, click on the videos tab to find the press conference, which is mainly in Chinese other than when Louis answers his questions. 

Louis Lancaster an inspired choice by the CTFA 

The CTFA allegedly had three to five applicants for the manager's position that became vacant when Gary White left late last year due to the association battles. Although in all honesty it's highly debatable whether he would have stayed or not regardless of what was going on at the CTFA because he has already shown in his position as Hong Kong manager he is willing to jump ship as soon as possible leaving Hong Kong after a couple of months to manager Tokyo Verdy in Japan. 

This, therefore, meant Taiwan have not had a manager for the senior national side for months now, and they competed in the Asian Games, and the East Asian Championship with the youth teams manager in temporary charge of the side. The manager situation has not helped the team to do well in those competitions as the team lacked any kind of attacking ideas, and went back into their defensive shell..as in trying to keep it tight, but they never can and end up losing.

Once the issues got sorted out at the CTFA then they started to accept applications for the job, unfortunately, my attempts to get through the door and take up the role weren't accepted - even after I announced it on Wikipedia to the world. Louis was obviously keen on the job, having worked in Taiwan with Gary White thus enabling him to get to know the country, the players and the inner workings of how the football association works.

We are pleased he has applied because the football was so good for a change under him and Gary White, and we are excited to see him implement his own ideas on the team. The CTFA has made a brilliantly inspired appointment by hiring Louis Lancaster for the role, he is young, keen to start his managerial career and no doubt chomping at the bit for the matches to come rolling around, we are looking forward to Louis Lancs Formosa bandwagon commence. 

Reasons why this is a brilliant appointment

There are a lot of reasons why this appointment is a fantastic one, and we will share with you the reasons we think so. 

  • Louis Lancaster already knows the players in the country and clearly has a good working relationship with them. This will help he his transition from assistant to the manager.
  • The players clearly respect Louis also, which was seen during his time here with Gary White as assistant manager.
  • He is well qualified and was one of the English coaches who were hand-picked to go onto the English Football Association's Elite Coaching course. 
  • It is his first job in football as a manager, which means he will be determined for it to go very well and enhance his reputation further within the football world. 
  • He has a very good reputation in football. 

These are just a few reasons why the CTFA have done an excellent job in appointing Louis. It is not often that the CTFA deserves to get much credit because a lot of the decisions that are made seem to confuse people but in this instance, people should be giving them a lot of credit.

This could mean that maybe the new chairman of the CTFA is really serious about improving football in the country, which doesn't mean we will agree with everything they do in their attempts to get there but if they make good decisions then they do deserve the plaudits for that. What we do hope for is that they just let Louis get on with his job and don't stick their noses in to interfere because this kind of thing defeats the purpose of hiring a good manager.

The issues that affected Gary White with complaints about him being released to the media about him being paid too much, arranging pointless friendly games, spending all the budget etc etc. If none of the interfering occurs then Taiwan will get back to the way they were previously with Louis Lancaster driving them forward to become even better than they were under Gary White. 

The future again looks good for Taiwan, as the mighty Formosa bandwagon can recommence with Louis orchestrating it.


  1. I think it is a good decision for Taiwan team. For any team of the country win is always important. I hope new manager will motivate players to improve all the weaknesses. As a manager they will work with new game strategies. Keep updates yourself with nexter latest sports news.

  2. Thats great..! Taiwan team got Louis Lancaster as new manager. It is good decision. These are the personal views of my friend Tony Daniloo

  3. I think you’re right he will be a good appointment, am excited to see how he does in his opening matches.

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