Japan to qualify for the second round of the Asian Cup tonight

Japan face Oman tonight in the second group stage match of their Asian Cup campaign. They managed to defeat Turkmenistan 3-2 in their first game and with a win, tonight could make the second round. 

Japan should have enough to overcome impressive Oman side 

Japan managed to overcome Turkmenistan after going a goal behind, and Oman will pose another tricky challenge for Japan, especially if they come out and play the way they did against Uzbekistan in their first group stage encounter.

Japan has enough ability in their squad to overcome every team in this tournament so far, and I think they will succeed in winning the Asian Cup this time around, their biggest opponent looks to be Iran who has started by blasting past teams and look very sleek indeed.

Oman in their first game was rapid on the counter-attack against Uzbekistan and were a lot better than I expected them to be, they should have come away from that match with at least a point, and that speed in their attack will no doubt cause Japan's defence issues, with Japan's defence being troubled a fair bit in the first group game. 

Oman was FM'ed in their last match, won't happen again

Oman was FM'ed in their last match, for anyone who doesn't know what FM'ed means - it is when your team on Football Manager the game have rained chance, after chance down on the opponent's goal, but the opponent has 2 chances, scored 1 and wins 1-0. That is FM'ed and it is exactly what happened to Oman.

Japan will win this one comfortably I believe, I don't think it will be as much of a struggle as it seemed against Turkmenistan. Japan will win this one by two clear goals - that is my prediction. This will see Japan sail into the second round with very few obstacles but once the knockout rounds come around then we will see how the big boys in Asian Football get on, the tournament so far has been fun to watch with only a couple of teams failing to be competitive. In the knockouts that will all change as the bigger sides in Asia will face off against each other, and this is when we will find out if mine and a lot of other people's predictions of Japan winning the competition will come true or not.

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