Former China player in trouble

It was reported over the weekend in the Chinese media that Gao Feng a former Chinese international was arrested for drug use again. The facts of the story are unclear but the player has been in trouble before with authorities in China. 

Gae Feng troubled past 

The 47-year-old former Chinese international has a troubled past and is a bit of a celebrity type footballer. This was seen as the player was formally married to a pop star in Na Ying and appeared on the Chinese version of Dancing with the Stars. Meanwhile, his other of the field behaviour is what's caused concern.

The player who retired in 2002 having had a successful career in China clearly found life after football hard. As first in 2005 he split from his celebrity wife and then in 2015 the former footballer was charged by police for assaulting a taxi driver. At this time he was also tested positive for crystal methamphetamine.

The player was also arrested last year on drug charges again and if these rumours are true it looks like the player can't shake his bad boy behaviour.

The reason for posting this story is I think bringing you stories you would otherwise never see in English is what From the Tofu Bowl is all about. We also hope that Gae Feng gets the help he needs and can keep himself out of trouble in the future.

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