Asia's biggest football tournament not live on TV in Taiwan

The Asian Cup is Asia's biggest football tournament and is currently taking place right now in the UAE and has reached the quarter-final stage, which recommences tonight. 

Fox Sports Asia is the broadcaster holding the rights to show the competition on TV in the Asia-Pacific region which Taiwan falls under. Therefore Fox Sports Taiwan could have shown the competition live on TV but have obviously decided against it. 

Games on TV could help with football exposure

Taiwan has been speaking about growing and developing football for a long time now and they have been showing more interest and effort in doing this recently. So you would think having Asia's biggest football competition live on the TV would help with doing that, but the problem is that it is not in the interests of the broadcaster to help with the 'development' of football in the country.

Therefore this means that there is a percentage of people who are interested in watching the competition but the broadcaster - Fox Sports must think that the generated viewing numbers from other live football shown on their channel makes showing the Asian Cup pointless for them, as we presume baseball, basketball and other American sports most likely drag in bigger viewing numbers than the football does especially compare to the Taiwan games that were shown in the Asian Games.

They could have at least tried to show a handful of games that a Taiwanese audience might have an interest in watching, like Japan or South Korea. A lot of Taiwanese people love Japanese or Korean stuff and we are sure the Taiwanese interested in football would have an interest in tuning in and getting behind the Koreans or the Japanese, and dare I say it some might even have an interest in switching on the telly box to watch China.

We understand the interest is low here, but showing the aforementioned teams could have still drawn in fairly decent viewing numbers, and more often than not the sports channels in Taiwan show reruns of games that have already been played, isn't it better to show live events rather than replay something that has already finished? 

The CTFA need to be more aggressive with pushing football

The CTFA (Chinese Taipei Football Association) need to take a more aggressive approach to promote football. I don't mean aggressive in the same way one bloke in the UAE was with his workers by locking them in a cage and not letting them out until they declared their love for the United Arab Emirates team.

What I do mean however, is they need to start doing things like offering free tickets to school children for matches (especially when most of the ground is empty anyway), they need to start getting out into the cities in Taiwan and making people aware that Taiwan actually has a football team, they need to have more games, they need to stop relying on social media to promote everything (because only promoting your stuff on social media is hitting people who already know you exist), and they could do things like run fun events and get the public involved in activities that would help with the promotion of the national team. Just stop relying only on your social media pages!

If they were successful with aggressively promoting football, then over time more and more people would enjoy playing it, or watching or even enjoy doing both. When that happened the sport would grow, and if the sport grows then the broadcaster would be more inclined to show the games on TV.

It is a bit of a conundrum really because you need the exposure to create the interest, but you need the interest to help get the exposure. In a nutshell, it means a lot of donkey work needs to be put in right now to grow an interest, but so far we have seen that the CTFA don't have much interest in doing a lot of donkey work and instead prefer to mostly use their social media accounts only to promote their games, events or activities.

If that ever happened, then there may be a time when the small percentage of people in Taiwan who want to watch live football don't have to constantly resort to illegal means to do so.

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