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Welcome to From the Tofu Bowl, the home of East Asian Football. The aim of this site is to bring you original stories and opinion from East Asia which are often not accessible in English. As you can see, our stories range from: what's going on at the World Cup, ways in which the game is moving forward in Mongolia, opinions on news stories and many things in between.

The site was started by Mark Henderson a football anorak originally from Newcastle but, now living in Taipei along with co-founder Owain Lacey from Edinburgh. The two met while living in Taipei and bonded through a love of the beautiful game and Lee Chung-yong.

Through following East Asian football and being extremely opinionated on the majority of daily football news, the pair started From the Tofu Bowl in September 2017. Our goal for the site is to keep growing in order to bring more daily content while giving you a unique, opinionated take on all aspects of football from the region, that differ greatly from your usual media outlets.

To help us achieve our aim of becoming one of the best footballing outlets in Asia, click the link below to donate to our site. All money generated through donations will be put to running the site.

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