Visit North Korea, advertised at Blyth

Photo by Non-League Nomads
Twitter account Non-League Nomads shared a photo showing an advertising board displaying the Visit North Korea website which I then went and duly stole, then posted it without saying it was from Non-League Nomads, then apologised for that. Either way, the appearance of a Visit North Korea sign in Blyth was hilarious. Pure comedy gold! 

Blyth Spartans new sponsor

The mighty Blyth Spartans, one of the most famous non-league clubs in the UK got a new sponsor this week, and it was rather controversial. The new sponsor is Visit North Korea a travel company specialising in trips to, you guessed it - North Korea, with Twitter exploding in equal measure comedy and concern about the club advertising travel to a country with terrible human rights.

Loads of football teams have connections now with countries that have terrible human rights records, and yes I do know North Korea's are among some of the worst going. The lower down the league pyramid you go through, you can understand that the need is greater to generate sponsor income as lots of teams at the lowest level struggle with that. So I say fair play to Blyth for being open-minded enough about it to not turn their noses up. Plenty of clubs in the Premier League have questionable owners from questionable countries with dodgy human rights...non-league shouldn't be expected to be different if the Premier League can't say no to owners of shady backgrounds.

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