Taiwan beat China in AFC U20 futsal qualifiers

Right now the AFC (Asian Football Confederation) U20 qualifiers are taking place, and they are split between the different Asian sub-confederations. The East Asian qualifying zone is taking place in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. With six teams are competing, group A consists of Japan, Macau and Hong Kong, while group B is Taiwan China and Mongolia.
Taiwan defeat China in the decisive game
Taiwan had already defeated Mongolia 3-1 in their first match before they headed into their second game day against China. They knew that if they defeated China they would qualify for the next round of qualifying with a defeat or draw they'd still be in a position to qualify but their fate wouldn't have been in their hands anymore.

Taiwan wouldn't be expected to defeat China in any football competition mainly due to the financial backing that Chinese sports teams get in international competitions compared to Taiwan, so, therefore, China entered this game as the favourites.

China had seemingly justified that favourite tag by having a 3-1 lead going into the final 10 minutes of the game, but what happened next was all a bit mental. Taiwan roared back to win the game 7-3. The last two goals were scored when China pulled their keeper, but goal number six was my particular favourite as the Taiwanese goalscorer did the piss take goal we have all done ourselves as kids back in the day, where you'd run through and there would be no keeper so you stand and wait for your mates on the other team to come charging at you before you roll it into an open goal. Quality piss taking indeed.

China will no doubt be devastated to lose at any sport in Taiwan, but Taiwan should enjoy it when it happens because it really doesn't happen often.

China sent home with their tail between their legs
In the wooden spoon match between China and Mongolia, China was rightly hammered by Mongolia who produced a superb display in hammering the Chinese 4-1, roared on by a brass band of blokes dressed as the army...or maybe they were the army.

The 4-1 win for Mongolia wasn't a fluke, and the Mongolians should have scored more than four as they utterly outclassed the Chinese from start to finish with a superb five-a-side display, of keeping man for man, tackling aggressively and then breaking fast to hammer in shot after shot which culminated in some goals getting past flappy Dave in the Chinese nets.

You could see on the live video from mycujoo that China was absolutely raging, blaming the lino, the refs, the manager was screaming at his players and their players were arguing with each other by the end of the match. Part of the rage will come from getting hammered from Taiwan and Mongolia which wasn't expected and maybe that's part of the reason they did get hammered by rocking up with a billy big bollocks attitude and then getting smacked about for being Mr Billy Big Bollocks, but it won't teach them humility if that is what has really happened, as it's what I read from the toys out of the pram hissy fit the manager of the team was throwing once they started losing, but his arrogant approach when they were winning.

The futsal is actually great crack to watch, a lot better than I expected, and it is great that Mycujoo provides a platform where you can watch these games live, and we hope they continue to be granted access to show such matches in the future. Well done to Taiwan and Mongolia, and hard luck to China.

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