Son Heung-min wins another award

That man Son Heung-min was at it again when this week it was announced that his goal against Germany at the World Cup was voted goal of the year by South Korean football fans. The goal itself was one of the easiest goals any forward could score but the goal meant the Koreans beat Germany and that would have been the reason for the votes. 

Son getting all the positive news 

The news that this was voted goal of the year in a recent poll by Korean fans just shows you the popularity of the player. While there's many who have questioned his commitment and performances for his country few could argue right now the man is on great form and a real asset to South Korea.

His goal then received 54% of the vote making him the clear winner, although the goals to come second and third were better goals. As in second place was Lee Seung-woo's goal against Iran at the recent Asian Games. This goal was a much more skilful goal with the playing dripping past three defenders before slotting the ball home.

Then in third place was Son's lovely curl finish against Mexico at the World Cup. This one despite being a good goal game at a meanless time for the team as they trailed 2-0 going into the last moments of the match.

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