Shoya Nakajima off to Wolves

Wolves have a connection to buying players from Portugal, this is something that everyone is very aware of. They are looking to use that connection again to sign the excellent Shoya Nakajima from Portimonense.

Wolves expected to sign Nakajima

Everything seems in place for Nakajima to leave Portugal to join Wolves, where the majority of players leaving Portugal to end up right now, due to their shady agent deal. If we ignore the shady goings-on though, Wolves are getting a cracking player. He has done very well in Portugal for a minor side there - Portimonense.

No doubt people will mention his size, and be concerned he may not be big or strong enough for the Premier League but morons who say this would have turned down someone like Messi in the past. English football does seem to be slowly moving away from players who need to be big and hard by importing foreign players with extremely good technical ability. Nakajima fits the mould of having brilliant technical ability and Wolves will be hoping he has the tools to unlock defences and help them pop more goals in as they strive to stay in the league which at this point in time looks very likely to happen with or without Nakajima, to be honest, but he would add something different to their side.

Nakajima will be a superb signing for Wolves, and according to the Japan Times, the deal is pretty much-done bar Wolves meeting the release clause. We will see in the January transfer window whether the Japan Times were correct or not regarding this transfer.

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