Park Ji-sung to step down from part time South Korea youth position

Park Ji-sung has offered or is reportedly considering stepping down from his youth role at the Korean Football Association due to other commitments and not being able to travel back and forth to do a decent enough job. 

Park offered to use his abundance of European experience

The Park Ji-sung had offered to use his abundance of European experience in order to help the KFA develop exciting youth prospects for the future. Up until the arrival of Son Heung-min on the scene, Park would have been considered the most famous Korean player to have played in Europe in my opinion.

Son is doing a bloody marvellous job at Spurs though, and he is on the verge of surpassing Park as the best known Korean player. It would have been great for South Korean youth players having a genuine legend teaching them how to be the next big thing, but that looks not to be.

Too many commitments

Park has simply agreed to do too many jobs, he seems the type of bloke who just can't say no when an opportunity pops up. Now, however, he has said yes to one too many people and has got himself into an almighty muddle trying to keep his schedule from overlapping.

Therefore he has had to ditch someone so he no longer has to be in two places on one day and the KFA have got the short end of the shitty stick. If you ask me developing the next generation of Korean players will be a lot more meaningful than being Man United's ambassador, what does a club ambassador do anyway? Help get more fans for a club who already has billions of the buggers. He should have given them the shitty stick, not the KFA, and took the job that would have been more rewarding not the most paid. Oh well, South Korea seems to be doing a great job with the players they have coming through at the moment, some proper gems among them indeed.

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