Park Hang-seo happy for the support from South Korea in Vietnam's Suzuki cup win

Park Hang-seo has been the Vietnam national team manager for a while now, and he has been doing a great job with them that thousands have been coming out in support of the national team. Vietnam normally gets a very passionate following regardless if they're doing well or not, but the fact they've started being somewhat successful in age-specific or regional competitions has helped for sure.

Park has been doing so well with Vietnam, that TV stations in South Korea have been picking up the matches to see how he is getting on, and South Korean flags can be seen in the crowd at Vietnam matches.

Pleased with support from Korea

Park Hang-seo has said that he was pleased with the support Vietnam received from back in his native South Korea, with South Koreans being the biggest audience outside of South East Asia for their regional competition the AFF Suzuki Cup.

According to the news I read, the Suzuki Cup was on a pay per view channel in Korea, which is how I managed to watch also through a dodgy stream of Korean TV. There seems to be a big interest in how Park does in his managerial career with the Vietnamese but it must help that he himself was a South Korean international. It is still very understandable why Park is happy and grateful for the support because as English managers know a lot of the times it is out of sight, out of mind as you're forgotten once you have left your homeland.

Park Hang-seo watch

The coverage offered on South Korean TV could have qualified for comedy gold material because they kept putting a little square box in the corner of the screen every time Park Hang-seo did anything. If he got out of his seat to scream at his players, up popped the little box. If he made a sub, up popped the little box. If he chatted with the assistant, then yes you guessed it, up popped the little box.

If I was still a drinking man, then I would for sure be taking a swig of the beer every time the little box popped up then my night could have ended merrily with me passed out in bed. Too bad for that missed opportunity, the little box which I called 'Park Hang-seo watch' did emphasize how popular this fella is though, to have that much interest on the manager alone amazed me if I'm honest. I do believe it is the first time Vietnam has won the Suzuki Cup too, so he will be a hero in the Nam forever now without a doubt. The bloke is doing a wonderful job, and it's gonna be great seeing how they do in the Asian Cup after their Suzuki Cup win, I am predicting Vietnam will be one of the teams to give the bigger nations a shock in January. You heard it here first, Vietnam is a vastly improved team and some big boy is going to underestimate them at their peril!

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