North Korea appoint Kim Yong-jun manager for Asian Cup

North Korea has announced a change of manager after they failed to qualify for the final round of the East Asian Championship where Hong Kong pipped them to the qualifying spot on the basis of one more scored goal. The fella in charge then has got the chop (I don't mean literally) and we will take a peek at the bloke they've decided will lead them to glorious victory in the Asian Cup.

North Korea appoint 2010 World Cup midfielder

North Korea has appointed 35-year-old Kim Yong-jun to manage the side for the Asian Cup in January, but funnily in my haste jotting this news down I wrote his name down as Kim Jong-un, so that nearly turned out to be a calamity on my behalf.

If this fella has as much power and influence over North Korea as Mr Kim Jong-un would though, then they're onto a winner already. Maybe that's the idea all along, confuse the lads into thinking its the other bloke. The glorious one!

Anyway, all joking aside this change was expected after the North Koreans failed to win the second round of the East Asian Championship which is pretty much unheard of. They're expected to piss it, and they didn't which would have been disappointing for the people in charge and the fans I guess considering the final round will take place in South Korea. If what has been reported in the papers is really how people feel in Korea then they could have had love in during the competition like they did during the Olympics.

North Korea has a warm-up game scheduled for Christmas Day against Vietnam so I know what I'll be doing next Wednesday at my desk at work, looking for a dodgy Vietnamese stream of North Korea vs Vietnam.

Kim Yong-jun, not Kim Jong-un played in the 2010 World Cup coming on as a second-half substitute in their hammering by Portugal. He will be hoping he does better as a manager with the national team in a major tournament.

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