New Taiwan kits

The other day when I was at work I got a message from the head honcho of the Taiwan Ultras showing me that Taiwan will be changing their kits. They've had the same kit supplier and design for donkeys now, but the new kit looks like it's going to be a banger.

Taiwan get some sexy new kit designs

Taiwan has had the same kit for donkeys now, with the Crested Serpent Eagle on the front, that kit was designed and made by TorStar, I like the idea but the quality is pretty bad, and the cut of the shirt doesn't feel right for some reason. Maybe that is just me, but the arms feel too big on my kits than others that I have. The material also feels really cheap, and thick.

Things, however, look set to change as Kelme Taiwan posted this picture onto their Facebook showing three different outfield designs, and two keeper tops. As far as I can tell it is unclear whether or not all three outfield kits will be used, but I hope they will because the kit that seems to blend the white part of Taiwan's flag into it looks superb on the image Kelme shared.

The shade of blue looks to have become a shade darker too compared to what Taiwan have normally worn in the past. The plain blue top looks neat and clean, and the away top looks a little bit like The Philippines Suzuki Cup kit, but all in all, it looks to be a cracking set of kits from Kelme.

Kelme paid 22 million NT to the CTFA 

Kelme paid 22 million NT dollars (£566,000) to the Taiwanese FA for the right to design and make Taiwan's new kits. With Kelme winning the right to make them, one would hope that they may become a little bit easier to buy in Taiwan, as of now they are pretty hard to get a hold of.

With the TorStar kits, there is only one shop where you are able to buy them and it is a right hassle getting there too (unless you live close by). When you do go there it is like a lucky dip whether or not they have sizes in stock. Hopefully, this will all change under Kelme and they will be easier to buy, what I do hope is that they don't just make one set amount and then that's it. If that is the case I might try and get there early and buy two or three of each like a maniac, but it will be better if Kelme just makes them and sell them on the regular in their shops.

We hope to still help people abroad buy them 

Recently we started helping people abroad buy Taiwan football shirts because it's near impossible for anyone outside of Taiwan to find one to purchase (we add a little extra for us helping, the profits go towards running the site) and we hope to be able to continue to do this for the new kits. It all depends how Kelme decide to sell them and how easy they are to get a hold of in Taiwan. If you're in Taiwan and would like us to help get them for you we can, but you still need to pay the small extra charge we add in for helping.

Once they're released and we find out the relevant information we will know then if it is possible or not to continue offering this service in the future.

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