Hwang Ui-jo voted top South Korean footballer of 2018

Hwang Ui-jo has been named the top South Korean footballer of the year by the Korean Football Association (KFA). He was majorly helped in winning this award by his amazing performances in the Asian Games which took place in Indonesia, getting the goals that helped him and the rest of the lads get a military exemption. 

Come to prominence in the Asian Games

Hwang was picked as one of three overage players for the Asian Games, and when he was picked my twitter feed was going beserk wondering why the hell Hwang bloody Ui-jo was picked for one of the overage slots in the squad when there was a whole host of much better options that could have got that god damned bloody overage spot. NO! It was giving to bloody Hwang! That is how my twitter feed looked when the Asian Games squad was announced, sheer disbelief that he was picked.

I am not sure if anyone will admit it now or not though, and I am not the kind of person to traipse through peoples old Twitter posts just to prove what I say is true, I don't need to prove it, because I know it and that will do for me.

Maybe Hwang was reading all the posts about him being selected and decided I will show the pack of bastards who is the goal daddy of Korea. The goal daddy is exactly what he proved he is, scoring nine goals in seven matches to power South Korea to the title and no army stuff that was all over the news. Thanks to Tottenham crapping themselves that Son was going to be out for nearly two years running around a hill, shooting guns and lobbing bombs or as Ki said recently, locked in a room getting gassed.

Hwang Ui-jo definitely came to prominence in South Korea during the Asian Games competition and has since kept his place in the Korean national team, and has rewarded the faith in him by continuing his rich vein of form in front of goal, which he will be hoping to take with him to the Asian Cup in January as South Korea look to win the competition for the first time in 60 years.

Voted for by the KFA and media

The winner of Korean footballer of the year is voted for by the KFA and the Korean media, and Hwang got the most votes, where he beat out Spurs' Son Heung-min and Daegu's Jo Hyeon-woo.

Hwang came out top in the vote, but Son won the South Korean athlete of the year which was voted for by South Korean football fans. So that means both Hwang, and Son are the South Korean footballers of the year really, just one is voted for by the public and one is voted for by the KFA and media. Make up your own mind which is more valuable.

Hwang will be leading the line for South Korea in the Asian Cup and will be one to watch out for sure, even if it is just to see if he can carry on his mental run of form he has been having. Will Hwang power South Korea to victory in January, let us know in the comments below.

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