Happy Valley back on top

Happy Valley once one of Hong Kong's top clubs look to be on their way back. They haven't played in the Hong Kong Premier League since 2010 but sit top of the HK 1st Division with 12 wins from 12.   

A club with good and bad history 

Happy Valley is a football club in Hong Kong with a lot of great history, however, they are a club that has been hit with match-fixing allegations in the past. When as recently as 2014 two of their players Fan Weijunand and Sasa Mus were charged over match-fixing allegations. This resulted in the clubs suspension from the league and the FA Cup in February 2014.

The following year after the lifted suspension the club was relegated to the bottom tier of Hong Kong Football. This was to be the darkest of times for a club which had won the HK Premier League as recently as 2006. The club has also won the FA Cup twice and HK Senior Shield six times. On top of this, they have won the 1st Division title a total of six times too.

The club now then look to be on the up and could be returning to the very competitive HK Premier League. The league is now stopped for a winter break and Happy Valley next league match will take place on the 6th January when they face Mutual a side sitting tenth in the 14 team league.


  1. I honestly cannot wait to see Happy Valley back in the top league of Hong Kong again. My introduction to soccer in Hong Kong consisted of South China and Happy Valley. Upsetting seeing SCAA self relegate into the second division but Happy Valley is a very welcome and needed force. Hopefully South China can get back into shape soon too.

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