Gary White resigns as Hong Kong manager

Today news broke that Gary White has resigned from his position as the manager of Hong Kong. The rumour had started during the East Asian Championship last month with it getting a couple of mentions on Twitter. 

However, as Gary White had only been in the job for a short space of time, it seemed that it was against logic that he would up ship and leave so soon, but he has indeed done just that. His short stint will be considered successful, but how successful can you be considered if you're willing to jump ship so easily? 

Hong Kong

Gary White dumps Hong Kong for J2 side

Gary White has dumped Hong Kong just after the two managed to hook up, after they'd been flirting for ages, with a dragged out will he, or won't he leave process before it was finally declared that he had left Taiwan for Hong Kong.

A big fuss was made in Hong Kong over the new appointment with that infamous conference level photo of Gary in the Nike room, with the Hong Kong kit, tracksuit and scarf. He gives off all his usual platitudes and footballing cliches about his new job, but he must have still been thinking of trying to get the type of job he really wanted and has used Hong Kong like a dirty old slapper, at 2am kicking out time or at least that must be how Hong Kong feel about the whole situation. Hong Kong has been used by Gary White but it's no worse than any of us would do when we are facing being without a job, we would all rush into a new one to support the family. Two sides of the coin really.

J2 side to appoint big Gaz 

So Gary White will be moving to Japan very soon and he still hasn't revealed which club it is. There was a lot of speculation that it is FC Gifu, but that has been shot down many times already so get your money on it being Gifu.

I can see it from Gary White's point of view, he has been gagging to get a club management job for some considerable time. I admit that I only started following him in detail when he became Taiwan manager, but before that, I was aware of him because of the Guam thing. If you missed it he did really well with Guam getting them as far as they've been and it was picked up by the BBC and other outlets.

He seems to jump ship a bit too often if he gets the slightest sniff of a better offer, but at the same time how far can Hong Kong really go. In an out lifetime I think the answer would be don't sell him at all and now he gets to test himself in league football for one of the few times in his carer.

Hong Kong fans right to be angry

In my opinion, any Hong Kong fans who are angry now have every right to be so. Not every fan will be angry about him leaving but some will be. Others will be indifferent in general and the rest will say so long sucked, don't let the door hit you on the way out.

After the EAFF Hong Kong fans must have thought now they have finally found a coach who can help them bring back the glory years, but what does he go and do? The first sniff he gets and he rushes off into the sunset.

Now let's be a little fair to Gary we have all accepted a job that wasn't originally our first, second, third or even tenth choice and if you haven't then well done to you. Most people though have had to accept their second or third choice jobs, and you start the new job then after a few weeks in the job you really wanted have called you up to ask if you're still interested. Of course, you're still interested and the only thing to do is leave you a new job, quit and take the one you really wanted to begin with. It doesn't look good on the team being used, and in my mind, it doesn't look good on the manager doing it either but if big Gaz continues to be successful in his career then he shaky commitment record to a job will be swept under the carpet for instant success.

Gary has proven to be a brilliant manager but can he stick at a job?

Gary White has been great at every team he has managed so far in his career, he is also clearly a very ambitious man but at what point does he need to stop being ambitious and keep jumping ship to show he does have some longevity in him.

As long as he does well it won't matter one iota but if the wheels fall off, and he keeps jumping from one job to another then he will be scrutinized a lot closer by the hierarchy at the club or national team he is managing at that time and their fans. It seems Hong Kong have been left in the lurch now, but maybe they've known the whole time that the rumour has been going around that he is off.

Gary White was a great appointment but from the outside, it looks like he hasn't really wanted to go there in the first place, and has had no intentions of sticking around, because just like be Tyson Fury he is on a mission to get to the very top as fast as he possibly can. Is it the right or wrong approach to his job? Some will say yes, some will say no.

For me, I think it is a bit disrespectful to jump ship so soon, but we or anyone else who is not involved with the HKFA don't know what has gone on behind the scenes, or if anything is happening int he Gaz's personal life that could be the cause of this.

Hong Kong will now be looking for a new manager, and everyone concerned will be hoping a better vetting process is used to make sure the HKFA select the correct bloke (or woman) for the role.

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