Coach refuses to give away a goal

In one of the more bizarre stories I have read about is last week the Eastern team were asked to allow the opposition to score. This request was surprisingly rejected by the side although they still went on the lose the match 2-1. 

How this happened 

Let's set the scene then Eastern was the home side at Tsing Yi Sports Ground as they took on Tai Po in the Sapling Cup. The competition is mostly used to promote young talent in Hong Kong but these games are still important. So the idea to allow the opposition to score a goal is foolish in the extreme.

This situation, however, still did arise in the match on the 16th December when Everton Camargo scored a controversial for his side Eastern on the 29th minute of the match. The referee Tong Kui-sum then realised his mistake and asked Eastern to allow Tai Po to regain the lead.

The whole situation was very messy but Eastern had no obligation to allow Tai Po to score so were more than correct to continue with the game. How this all arose was that Tai Po had stopped play for an injury to one of their players. Eastern then took a quick throw-in which the referee allowed but the Tai Po players were not ready and Everton Camargo was able to score unchallenged.

This was a little cheeky from the Brazilian that is for sure but it was within the rules and the referee had no right to ask them to allow Tai Po to score. You could see the anger at this request from the Eastern coach Chan Yuen-ting when she posted on Facebook “I turned down this ridiculous request from the referee to avoid Hong Kong soccer becoming a world laughing stock.”

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