Chinese club offers £58 million for Barcelona's Malcom

Barcelona signed attacking Brazilian player Malcom on the back of much hype from his performances in the French League with Bordeaux. He had a plethora of options open to him after a great season in France, but it's hard to turn down a team like Barcelona when they come banging on your door even if the competition for starting places there is intense.

Could this be a case of big fish in little pond moving to a big pond with lots of bigger fish in it, and realising he has the struggle to make the team? Either way, Barca could be looking to cut their losses ASAP.

Chinese club want Malcom

According to the Sun newspaper, a Chinese club want to spunk away loads of money on Malcom, making sure Barca receive a hefty profit on a bloke they'd most likely be considered a massive flop. However, we all know that transfer rumours in the Sun should be taking with a pinch of salt, especially when it comes to moving in or out from China.

The Sun seems to run stories often about player Jimmy will move to China for £70 billion and it's not good for football etc. What the Sun doesn't realise is their loaded Premier League also isn't good for football. Look at Man United and Pogba, they had him as a kid and wouldn't play him, he got hacked off, went to Juve then did some good things with a football and Man United decided holy hell crap we want him back. £90 odd million later he is back at Man United and back where he began, with spelks up his backside.

So according to the Sun a Chinese club want Malcom, but they haven't said which club in particular which makes it sound like made up nonsense to me.

The Sun being fed by player, agents or club?

When the Sun writes, "unnamed Chinese club wants to sign Malcom" it does make you wonder if they're being fed by agents. Where else would they get their info from? It is only coming from player, club or agent, isn't it? However, when the interested club is listed in the paper as 'unnamed Chinese Club' you've got to be suspicious of who this rumour is really helping.

Is it helping the unnamed Chinese club? Not really because no one even knows who they are. The three parties who are benefiting from this rumour are Malcom himself, his agent from shifting him from one club to another already so he can pocket some more money, and Barcelona themselves because if they've decided they want him shifted then they've made it clear through this story.

By making out that a Chinese club wants to give them £30 million profit for a player who isn't seemingly wanted by Barcelona means any interested parties who still have a keen eye on Malcom will be thinking Christ on bike lads, let's make a move before he plods of to China eh? Get that bid in now, will you! This is why the Chinese club, is an unnamed club.

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