China plodding into the Asian Cup

China was hopeful that by hiring Marcello Lippi that their fortunes would have seen a big upward turn towards being bloody marvellous, but that hasn't been the case and their results have stumbled from bad too worse, to more bad. 

China head into the Asian Cup in terrible form

China head into the Asian Cup in a shocking form which will encourage debutants Philippines and Kyrgyzstan that they could beat China in the group stage and send them back to Beijing with their tail between their legs.

In their recent friendlies building up to the continental showpiece, they've lost 1-0 to Qatar, drew 0-0 with Bahrain and India, beat Syria 2-0, lost 2-1 to Iraq, and drew 1-1 with Palestine and Jordan. This doesn't give any indications that China can trouble the big boys in the Asian Cup as would have been hoped. Things aren't looking good for the Chinese and with Lippi already declaring he is out of China once the competition is done could also be causing problems with motivation as the players know he will be gone soon. China could become a first-round shock exit if this form continues, which would be a disaster for Lippi and not what he would want to be remembered for.

China has a false ranking

In my opinion, China have a false World Ranking, I have no clue why they're ranked where they are when they've struggled so much lately to beat many teams. China is currently ranked 76th in the World and has been awful lately.

The teams they've recently struggled against in their warm-up friendlies are ranked as follows:

Qatar - 93
Bahrain - 113
India - 97
Syria - 74
Iraq - 88
Palestine - 99
Jordan - 109

As you can see, the only team ranked higher than China in those warm-up games are Syria, who they managed to beat 2-0 in China. They have struggled to beat the others who are all ranked beneath them, and goals have been hard to find. All this points to China having a terrible tournament if it follows form. If that were to happen China getting knocked out by either the Philippines or Kyrgyzstan would be a major embarrassment.

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