China defeat Taiwan and advance to the final round of the East Asian Championship

Who would advance to the final round of the EAFF-E1 Championship came down to the final day of matches, and it was the winner takes all match between China and Taiwan to see who would advance.

Both teams came into the game, winning their previous two matches without conceding a goal, with both sides feeling optimistic about their chances.

China justify being favourites

China went into the second round as favourites and breezed through their matches against Mongolia and Hong Kong, winning 10-0 and 6-0 respectively. Taiwan was likely to offer up a bit more resistance but China was still heavy favourites to succeed.

That proved to be the case as they raced into a 2 goal lead at the start of the game, and didn't look troubled at any point in the game, with Taiwan offering very little threat. Unfortunately for me, I missed both the goals as there was a problem with the transmission via the EAFF website and by the time they got the live stream back, Taiwan was 2-0 goals behind. I seem to have a habit of missing goals in games lately. Nightmare indeed.

China was comfortable throughout the game and therefore will take their spot in the final round that will be played in South Korea, as they join hosts South Korea, North Korea and Japan.

Taiwan disappoint again against China

China is one of the better sides in women's international football, but at the same time, Taiwan offers them far too much respect each time they play them. Like I said in the blog previously the game I don't know if it because of tactics or an inferiority complex but whatever it is Taiwan look a completely different side each time I have seen them play China compared to when they face sides like Hong Kong.
They camp out in their own box and wait to lose, instead of taking the game to China and trying to win. A draw wouldn't have been enough to see Taiwan into the final round anyway, so what is the point in playing that defensive hoping to fluke a win.
Stop caring about face (it is considered bad if you lose face in Chinese culture) so much and go for it. It feels like Taiwan prefer to not lose by a bigger margin by attempting to win the game, therefore saving face by not getting a hiding. The reward on offer outweighed the risk of losing face if you ask me, and this is twice now that Taiwan's women's manager has employed the same tactic against China in a big game and both times it has ended up the same - in defeat. Honestly, the saddest thing is the whole sitting back thing, because 9 times out of 10 it is likely that Taiwan will lose to China but if you went for it, there is always a chance. Sitting back you're like sitting ducks, waiting to lose.
This round should have been in Taiwan
I still cannot find any official reason why this round was not in Taiwan, my hunch is it was because China was involved. Albeit a pretty good one. It could be something that I am not even thinking of like the CTFA didn't want to host it or something odd.
The reason it should have been in Taiwan is that every time each EAFF round is played, both the men's and the women's section of the tournament are played at the same host venue. Therefore it made no sense at all to have the women's round in Guam when Guam was knocked out in the second round. All the logical evidence points to China refusing to play in Taiwan especially under the current climate where China has been blocking all sorts of events Taiwan have tried to host or be involved in as they try to put pressure on Taiwan's independence-leaning government.
If they did play in Taiwan there would unlikely be any trouble, but it is more to do with the Chinese government wanting nothing to legitimise Taiwan as being its own country. From a personal point of view I would have liked to have had the chance to watch the women's section of the game, and it's possible the tournament would have got slightly more fans to the stadium than they got in Guam, plus its a shame the country had to lose home advantage, but that alone wouldn't have helped them defeat China anyway, if Taiwan doesn't believe in themselves to beat them.

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