Chelsea will play in Japan for 2019/2020 preseason

Chelsea will again take part in the absolutely rubbish preseason international Champions Cup or whatever awful name they give it. Japan has been confirmed as one of the destinations where they will play. 

Japan the first of a set of friendlies for Chelsea 

Chelsea chairman Bruce Buck has said, "we're looking forward to visiting Japan again" as the country of the rising sun is the first location that has been confirmed for Chelsea's preseason matches. The venue for the games has yet to be decided, so I guess you'll just have to keep checking if you want to go to it.

Make no doubt about it, however, they'll be playing in other Asian cities too, my guess would be China without a doubt. A lot of the big clubs will be heading to China, in an attempt to try and corner the football market there. A lot of massive clubs are trying to do that already with bloody Mailman constantly rocking up on my twitter feed with this article or that article all about how some super club has x amount of Chinese followers and are growing in size and stature. Where there are buckets of cash to be had, the big teams from Europe will be there in an instant to milk the foreign fans as the home fans teets are running dry. If you live in Japan, and heaven forbid you've picked Chelsea as your team to support then good news for you is you have a chance to see them live, in the flesh and no doubt you'll be excited about it. 

Preseason champions cup is awful 

If you thought the big European clubs haven't cash grabbed enough over the years, well they've found a new way to grab touring other continents in the preseason. This is what will be happening once the winter break kicks in, you will see the big clubs jetting off around the world for lucrative friendlies even though they're supposedly tired.

Seeing Man United play Man City in a friendly is a bloody terrible idea, having a derby in a preseason friendly game is tragic. It doesn't matter if fans in New York or Beijing want to see it, I know it's a global game now and all that jazz, but at the same time it makes a mockery of the derby for me, which should be a big special occasion that is looked forward to in the season. I guess I am in the minority on this matter, as those friendlies get bigged up to the max, but that's likely just for hits on people's websites. No one talks about smaller teams because only the top 6 bring the cash. 

With all that said...if Newcastle comes to Asia I'm there!

Forget everything I've said if Newcastle rock up to Asia for preseason, even in their current budget Sports Direct guise they are now. It's unlikely that the Toon would be playing in the Champions Cup friendly thing against other Premier League teams mind so it's OK. We will end up rocking up to play China League One sides to build Fat Mike's Sports Direct Empire and get hammered in the process.

So it's not so bad, it would be boring watching them play Huddersfield or even Man City in Beijing for example, I'd want to watch them play local sides, or at the very least sides from the country, they're touring. 

Whatever happens, the international friendly doodah is here to stay, as football continues to eat itself like Glaustas Gut from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and will one day get to a point where the Premier League bubble goes pop, and the money is no more then you will see it all crumble in. At that point, football in England may become the game for the working man again and people might be able to afford to take their families again. One can only hope. 

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