The CTFA fail again to market an event

The CTFA’s marketing strategy continues to be unsuccessful

The CTFA (Chinese Taipei Football Association) have known that they will be hosting the East Asian Championship second round for some time now, and have made very little effort to get the word out to the Taiwanese public about this event. This has been reflected in an abysmal turnout that has been reflected in the attendance at the games.

People aren’t aware that games are being played, the onus for them to be made aware must fall at the feet of the CTFA. There is a theory that they don’t care if 10 people or 10,000 people are there and the fact not much effort was put into to trying to get more people to attend the matches seems to back that theory up.

Taiwanese people aren’t even aware they have a football team

This is a fundamental failure in my opinion, have you ever been to any country in the world that isn’t aware they have a football team? It’s unheard of, this again points back to the theory that the CTFA don’t care if people show up or not, because at the end of the day the games have to be played if people are there or not and it makes no difference to the people in charge because they still have to put the games on.

In fact, because Taiwanese people really like to say don’t cause any ma fan (trouble) then I think they may actually prefer it that not many people show because it is easier for them to manage and control and no ma fan is caused. It does beg the question, however, that if people don’t even know they have a team; how then are they supposed to know that team are playing games?

The only way to know Taiwan is playing is through the CTFA’s social media

The only way of knowing Taiwan have an up and coming game is through the CTFA’s social media pages, without following them on Facebook or Instagram you won’t ever receive any information. This is a flawed approach because it only targets people who already know about the games, therefore, doesn’t help to generate any extra growth for football in the country.

Which again is another key pointer to the CTFA not really caring, they don’t care if people are there or not. The people in charge hide behind this idea of ‘growing football’ in the country when their actions tell you otherwise.

3:10 kickoffs on work/school days don’t help

The CTFA should be embarrassed by the attendances of the first matches in the EAFF tournament, but they won’t be. 150 odd people to watch North Korea play Mongolia on a Sunday afternoon is a shocking statistic and the FA should be ashamed of it but they won’t be, just like they aren’t that bothered not many people have come out to support Taiwan either.

Just changing the kick off time might not increase the attendance drastically without doing anything else to attract or persuade people to attend. It would at least give the audience you’re already targeting a chance to attend games if they are kicking off later in the day. What a terrible decision to kick off in the middle of the afternoon midweek. Not exactly constructive to ‘growing football’ is it…which you guessed it, points back to them not caring.

School kids, and youth football clubs should be given free tickets

Everyone interested in the following football in Taiwan knew the stadium wouldn’t be full for the EAFF, so why not hand loads of free tickets to schools and football clubs? What better way is there in growing football in the country than by getting thousands of young people interested through them being able to attend live matches?

Not every kid with a free ticket would love it, but enough of them would want to come back, and if the free ticket scheme continued over a prolonged period of time, then you would soon start to see interest pick up. This way you go from someone who has no interest, to passing interest, to a fan in a few years. Yeah, however…they’re not bothered.

Some legwork should be put in

So for this part, it really needs someone to be in charge that cares, because only people who care are willing to put in the hard legwork and effort it would take in building up a good fan base over x amount of years, be it 5 / 10 or 20.

There should be activities taking place in schools, there should be fun events or activites in popular areas around the city, even just handing out flyers in popular places such as Ximen or Xinyi to promote the football. There’s a lot of ways you can attract people to the stadium but it all essentially needs someone who cares a lot to do, and who has the patience to see it through to the end and therein lies the problem…no one does.

Stop acting like the Gestapo

Look we get it, FIFA have rules…you can’t do this, you can’t do that….blah blah blah! Now let’s put things into perspective when have you ever seen anyone kick off at a Taiwan football match? That’s right never. Only slim chance of it ever happening is if China play here which FIFA might even not allow like they haven’t in the past.

So let people bring in their food and drinks especially as you don’t sell any inside the stadium. Are Dora and her mum going to start having a riot and launching bottles at the Hong Kong lads for pinging in a winner at the end of the game? Nope! Are the 20 odd Taiwan Ultras going to rip the seats out and pile into the Hong Kong lads who were celebrating the late winner? Nope! Get some perspective and let people bring in their drinks instead of chucking their water.

I know they have plastic cups ready for you to put your water into, but theres only so many plastic cups a person can carry, and if someone wants to bring their kids to see the game it becomes extremely unpractical and badly thought out.

Everything about the marketing of this tournament points to what people constantly tell me, about the FA, they don’t care!


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