Victor Anichebe accuses own of match fixing

Told not to try by coaches 

Victor Anichebe has claimed that he has been told not to try on two separate occasions by coaches while playing for Chinese League One side Beijing Enterprises. Anichebe was obviously not happy with the instructions as it has been reported that he questioned his coaches about why they’re telling him not to bother trying. 

Some foreign players might follow this kind of instruction and be happy about it, but I believe a lot won’t like being told not to try as it looks bad on the players also if they don’t perform well and will in turn affect their future career if they are deemed to be not playing well in China’s second tier. This must have also played on the mind of Anichebe when he decided to question his coaches about the nonsense. 

This is China, we do as we’re told

According to what has been written in the newspapers, Anichebe’s teammates told him that this is China and we do as we are told. Chinese players may do it because they’ve been conditioned to listen to whatever the state or people in power tell them to do, all throughout Chinese society you cannot question people in authority. 

What Chinese clubs need to start learning is that foreign players are more likely to ask why? Why should I not try and win or do well? Who is benefitting from this? The club doesn’t benefit, the players don’t benefit; only the cronies involved in the match fixing will benefit from the bungs that get bundled to them under the table in a big fat red envelope. 

Reported to FIFA 

Anichebe hasn’t played football for 1 year due to the dispute with his club, even though he hasn’t refused to play. By the sounds of it, what he has refused to do is not fix games. He does want to try and he does want to win, which is the correct attitude to have from a professional athlete.
What do Chinese people do to people who don’t follow the rules (or the rules they’ve made to break the rules and do illegal shit to benefit themselves) they make their life a misery with all kinds of underhanded tricks and tactics, so the fact they’ve blocked big Victor from playing for a year isn’t at all surprising. 

Because nothing has been resolved between club and player, the case has now been taken to footballs governing body FIFA. Hopefully they do something about it, but it makes me laugh when you hear of cases of corruption taken to FIFA to sort out after all the corruption they’ve dabbled in. I know it’s meant to be a new FIFA regime now and all that but the black humour inside of me can’t help in finding the amusing side to it. 

For foreign players transferring to Asia, and China in particular it seems like a mixed bag of success and misery, for every Oscar and Bakambu there are others like Tevez and Anichebe. If you’re a player and transferring to China it pretty much seems finally balanced as to whether it will be a successful move, or a lavish Tevez styled holiday which some players like Tevez will be happy with but others would rather play. China remains a bit of a lucky dip for foreign players willing to take a stab at earning huge salaries, but risk falling out of favour and out of the squad due to the 3 foreign players only rule. Head to China at your own risk – footballers – seems to be the message. 

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