Tianjin Quanjian chase Zlatko Dalic

Zlakto Dalic popularity rises

Zlakto Dalic’s popularity has risen since he guided Croatia to the World Cup final, but before this happened I doubt many people outside of Europe even knew about him. Some people in Asia haven’t even heard of Croatia or know the country, therefore how the hell could they know the manager. Answer is they didn’t. 

However, after reaching the World Cup final and having the best player in the World in Luka Modric; the popularity of Croatian managers and players around the World has went through the roof quite literally. A lot of East Asian fans already had a massive stiffy on for France but now they also like this Croatia with the midget wonder that is sexy Luka Modric. 

Tianjin Quanjian want to replace dismissed Paulo Sousa with Dalic 

Something hasn’t been right at Quanjian for some time now, all the Chinese staff and coaches walked out, all the foreign players have buggered off or refused to play bar Pato it seems and their form dipped so badly that they are now very close to the relegation zone in the Chinese Super League. 

As the dismal form had dragged them down to the wrong end of the table Sousa got the chop, and now the talk is that they want Dalic to replace him. Dalic’s reputation couldn’t be any higher right now, so if he left the Croatia role there would likely be a lot of clubs in for him, and as always with players at the peak of their career moving to China they have to be more interested in money than personal glory or fame. For the mid-level or lower-level players and managers you can understand why they would move there especially with the amount of money involved. There is a reason though why they still cannot attract the biggest names from Europe and that is because the money becomes less important to the players at the top of the game, because they’re already on insane dosh. 

If this means they leave Benitez alone, I’m all for it

There was reports in the news a few weeks back that Tianjin Quanjian were interested in the mighty Rafa Benitez, and I hope that doesn’t happen as I want him to stay at Newcastle but him staying it at Newcastle is less and less unlikely as the weeks go by and fat Mike Ashley is still there. With that said though, seeing someone as bloody brilliant as Benitez leave Newcastle for China would feel like a boot in my bollocks. 

So get your filthy flirting eyes of Don Rafa Quanjian and avert them to this Dalic fella…he is the one you want. Listen to my Jedi mind tricks, take Dalic and leave Rafa the hell alone...thanks very much.

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