Pitch building in Mongolia

The AFC President’s initiatives, which were combined into two broader programmes in October last year, have been hugely successful, the project that was made up of the AFC President’s Infrastructure Initiative and the AFC President’s Development Initiative. The long-term development plans of the AFC Member Associations.

The first of the projects the Infrastructure Initiative comprised of two elements. These involved the building of new mini-pitches and expanding the games infrastructure in countries where it's needed. 

As part of this project in Mongolia construction of three mini-pitches in the country will start this month. A great opportunity for a country that otherwise would not have had these facilities. 

The excitement for these pitches could be seen as Mongolia Football Federation (MFF) General Secretary Shijir Ulziikhuu said: “The MFF recognises the importance of providing quality infrastructure and facilities for football development to thrive and I would like to thank the AFC for its commitment to developing the game here in Mongolia.

“We are confident that the mini-pitches through this AFC President’s Infrastructure Initiative will play a crucial role in developing our youth teams and ultimately inspire tomorrow’s generations of players and fans to develop a lifelong passion for the game.”

The hope is with the AFC projects that football will become a bigger part of the community. The sides might not become teams who challenge in Asia, but these projects will help countries that as Mongolia develops their young talent.

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