What happens when you get relegated from the Taiwan Premier League?

Relegated from the top level to nothing 

The Taiwan Premier League has 8 teams, and the bottom two at the end of the season get relegated but relegated to where is a good question. The official term is relegated the real term is booted out, occupy the last two spots come to the end of the season then you’re officially kicked out of the league and have to take part in qualifiers for the new season. 

Fail in the qualifiers then that means you officially have no CTFA affiliated league to play in until you can successfully navigate the playoffs again. If you fail in your first attempt at the qualifiers, you then have to wait until the whole season is complete and try to qualify again, so now tell me is this really considered as a relegation? The definition of the word relegation means you get demoted to lower league or level, so the word relegation is incorrectly used in regards to the Taiwan Premier League because there is currently no lower level to be relegated to. 

The CTFA couldn’t give a monkeys 

The CTFA (Chinese Taipei Football Association)couldn’t give monkeys if you’re relegated and don’t get to play football for a full season, even if it’s detrimental to the clubs who do get booted out of the league for finishing bottom two. 

If the CTFA cared about this and cared about football development they would do something about this, they don’t need to create a second tier nationwide league, it could just as easily be regionalized and act as a feeder league for the top level. At the same time, not every team who wins the feeder leagues would want to be promoted to a higher level that would force them to play games nationwide due to costs involved. This would actually be beneficial for the Taiwan Premier League rather than booting teams out and then them having to figure out a way to keep playing football until they can enter the playoffs again. 

The people in charge of the CTFA don’t care as they only need the league to be functioning for them to take their cut from the pie. It’s quite sad to see people lower down the chain with no influence at all who really care about the sport in the country but who have no influence to change anything try their best with the league for the top brass to be running it so tragically bad. FIFA already exposed the CTFA chairman as a fraudster when they uncovered the fact that he had created 6 fake football associations in order to vote for himself in CTFA elections, as well as employing his company’s lawyers also in order to vote for himself. In any other country, this bloke would find himself sacked from his role but not in Taiwan where it is quickly brushed under the carpet and hidden. 

Improving football and the Taiwan Premier League would mean more eyes on them

By improving football and the Taiwan Premier League that would mean more eyes would be cast upon the CTFA and I believe that is something they don’t want to happen in my opinion. For the CTFA only need the league to be functioning to make sure the funding money keeps on rolling in. 
Some of it goes to running the league but when you hear things like: they won’t open showers or changing rooms then you have to think what the hell are they actually doing? Which top-level league makes players get changed in public or doesn’t offer access to showers after they have finished playing? 

Then add in the fact they’re always banging on about developing the league, developing football and all that other nonsense. They only say this to show the funders that they are working towards making the sport better, if they didn’t say such sentences then the funding would run out, and they’d lose their position of power, influence, and they’d lose all the benefits that come from this. I don’t know what benefits they get exactly but there is no question at all the people in charge of the CTFA are benefiting very well from being in charge otherwise why would they want to fight so ferociously to remain in charge, because they aren’t staying in charge to improve the football scene or environment, therefore, reading between the lines tells you other benefits make them want to remain in their positions. 

How can you build a team if you get booted out? 

How do the CTFA expect clubs to continue building teams, or keeping what good players they have when they finish in the last two league positions if they get booted out of the league? The bottom sides good players will have no trouble at all being picked up by the six other teams that have remained in the league, and if that happens then when they come back to the league the clubs returning find themselves back in the same position as they were in when they got booted out. 

It does nothing to help the development of football in the league or the country, these teams should be encouraged to keep playing games, and keep promoting football but instead, the CTFA offers discouragement by insisting they are kicked from the league for finishing bottom two. The official reason I believe is that they want to make sure the quality of the league is high, but in all honesty, the level of the league is so low anyway it wouldn’t really matter if they remained or not. 

If Taipower or Tatung finished bottom two the rules would change

If Taipower or Tatung finished bottom two, the rules would be instantly changed to make sure that those two clubs remained in the league. It is very unlikely they ever will finish bottom two because the league is set up to benefit these two clubs every year. For example, the 2pm afternoon weekday kickoffs suit these two clubs because their players are paid full time to play while every other team in the league doesn’t have this I believe. 

I like to call this kind of nonsense Taiwanese fair play, the rules are the rules and should be followed to the letter of the law, that is until one of the players or teams they like fall foul of the same rules than all of a sudden the rule isn’t a good rule and needs to be changed. Taiwanese fair play at its finest! 
Clubs cannot develop under this current system, does the CTFA care that clubs cannot develop under this system? My opinion is they do not, they just want the league to function not succeed or improve or be a success. The function is best because there is no spotlight at all shined in their direction, and without any spotlight or attention focused on them then they can continue to function as they are and this is what benefits the CTFA best as their interests are catered too before the development of football.  

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