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Mycujoo is a football geeks dream

Mycujoo is a complete football geeks dream, fair enough it doesn’t show the ‘best’ leagues in the world but it pretty much has wall to wall football all day long. For me, I have an interest in East Asian Football for the website and it provides an excellent resource for us to watch football that would otherwise likely be impossible without taking an expensive flight there to watch a footy game. 

They mainly show minor leagues, tournaments, women’s football and age level football but I have been thoroughly enjoying watching football through this website that like I say I would have previously had no access to, such as the Mongolian Premier League, The Taiwan Premier League 2pm kickoffs from the comfort of my work desk, Japan’s women’s league, the AFC youth tournaments/women’s tournaments, the EAFF Championships. It is the equivalent of a football anorak wet dream, opening up access to leagues that you’d never think in a million years you could watch every week. 

It doesn’t only show Asian Football

Mycujoo doesn’t only show Asian football, it shows minor leagues from around the world. Want to watch some youth cup in Africa, you got it, want to watch the Danish second division you can watch that too. I know not everyone will be such a footy nerd but I get some weird enjoyment from watching obscure leagues. 

There is a lot of choices available, just don’t go there expecting to watch the English Premier League, or something like La Liga for free because it just isn’t happening and won’t. Mycujoo was set up to help developing leagues. 

Mycujoo set up to help developing leagues 

Mycujoo was originally set up to help those leagues around the world that struggle to get any kind of live coverage. That is the reason a lot of the leagues they show, come from such minor leagues around the world, for example persuading TV stations and sponsors to back the Mongolian or the Taiwanese Premier League isn’t the easiest thing in the world to do. 

Therefore for these leagues, mycujoo is an excellent resource that they can utilise to allow people who are interested in a place to watch the games for free. We at the Tofu Bowl fullback, and are willing to get behind such an initiative as a way to promote football in Asia. And therefore we encourage anyone who likes watching every level of football, and from all corners of the world; then get onto mycujoo and find something to watch because this is really supporting football at a low level, which is where a lot of football needs to be supported. 

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