Taiwan won’t hire new manager until after CTFA elections

No new manager until election dispute is resolved

Gary White has vacated the Taiwanese manager’s job for Hong Kong for a couple of weeks now, and there is still no news from the CTFA (Chinese Taipei Football Association) about finding a new manager. The problem for Taiwan is that they have the East Asian Championships fast approaching with the games taking place in November. 

The CTFA dispute has rumbled on for some time now, but they have agreed to have another election on the 10th November. The dates for the second round of the EAFF (East Asian Football Federation) Championships have not been decided but the competition is listed to take place in November, therefore, this will leave the new manager no time at all to prepare for the competition which  makes you think Taiwan really have no chance of progressing because of the CTFA antics.

The government wanted to get involved 

The government wanted to get involved and dictate to the sports association in an attempt to make the association more transparent. The problem for the government is if they do get involved then it is likely Taiwan would be banned from international competitions by FIFA because of government interference. 

It makes me feel that FIFA’s rule regarding government interference needs to be looked at, a lot of associations around the world get banned because the government is sick of their countries national football association’s corruption or shady antics so they try and sort it out and then FIFA pops up and bans them because of government interference. The Taiwanese government doesn’t want football to suffer from getting a FIFA ban so they are trying to be as cautious as possible (so far) in an attempt to avoid getting a FIFA ban. 

The government, however, are not exactly happy with the football association and they believe they aren’t doing what’s best for the sport in Taiwan, or for people who are interested in participating in football or just wanting to watch the game. They have gone to the association with a lot of different proposals and the CTFA have rejected every single one so far. 

Regarding Gary White’s contract it said in the news that the government could have gone over the association and offered Gary White a new contract if they wanted to but this would also be classed as government interference by FIFA, and also the government said what will happen if they decide to pick a manager, and then the association hires someone who doesn’t want their manager and changes their plans. It is all a huge mess, and when you read more about what is going on its no wonder that Gary White decided to jump ship at the first opportunity. 

The government are right to try and sort out the football association 

First of all, it is difficult to find info on the news, because of my poor Chinese reading ability. What I have managed to find, however, makes me believe the government have the right agenda in wanting to clean up sports associations in Taiwan. The CTFA claim to be helping football in Taiwan, but this whole election thing has been an absolute disaster for football and still has the potential to land Taiwan a FIFA ban which would be a nightmare for a country claiming to be trying to improve the game locally. 

The government do have a point when they say they believe the CTFA aren’t doing their best for the sport, and it could and should be better with the amount of money thrown at it here compared to other sports. It is a lot of money for Taiwanese sports, but not much compared to the rest of the world. They get money, and they get funding but teams playing in the Taiwanese Premier League (the country’s top league) can’t even use changing rooms and showers at games. 

No Showers, No changing rooms

The government have accused the association of not running the sport well in Taiwan. They have a point when teams playing games in the country’s top league can’t even have the use of changing rooms or showers after they have finished a league game you do have to question what the hell is the CTFA doing. 

Why the hell would you not allow players to have access to showers and changing rooms, last week a friend of mine who plays in the Taiwanese Premier League told me, “My dick was waving in the air as families, kids, children, and women all ran around the running track.”

Why exactly would the CTFA do this? It’s unreal that players can’t even have somewhere to get changed or get a shower after their league games. You hear stories like this often about what happens in football here, and it is difficult to know what is real, and what isn’t but when you keep hearing the same stories from different people who aren’t connected to each other you tend to think that there is some truth in what you’re being told. 

At the same time that the players of the country’s top league have their dick wafting in the air as they need to change in public, the CTFA is banging on about developing football and building more stadiums.  Building new facilities offer kickbacks, opening bogs, showers and changing rooms offers no cutbacks but it is essential players have access to these kinds of facilities when playing league games.

Taiwan has no hope the way things are going

Taiwan has no hope of getting better in football if things keep going the way they are, no one cares enough to put pressure on the association to truly start making things better, the government can’t get involved too much or Taiwan will get banned by FIFA, the two biggest teams in Taiwan, Taipower and Tatung aren’t bothered about making the league more competitive because they win it every way and have a very close minded selfish attitude. 

The people who do want change, and want football to be better in Taiwan lack positions of power and influence to do anything about it. The few hardcore fans really would love to see football get better, the teams other than the top two would love to see the league develop into a full-time professional league, and people would like to see a proper relegation and promotion format introduced. There are a lot of things that could be done to develop football in Taiwan that currently just isn’t happening. So yes the government are exactly correct in their efforts to challenge the association considering they seem to rely on government funding for some/or a lot of their income. The guy in charge of the CTFA should have been fired just like Fat Sam was for England when he was found to be doing dodgy stuff behind the scenes. The CTFA president’s creation of fake associations to keep him in charge should have been enough to earn him the sack but unfortunately, not enough people care so he just carries on as if nothing he has done is illegal. It is important that this kind of fella in charge of the association keeps interest low, because with low interest then he can crack on doing whatever the hell he does behind the scenes. 

Taiwan could lose every game in the EAFF now

No manager, no preparation, Taiwan doesn’t even know who is in charge of football currently. Therefore how can they be expected to do well next month when they are going to be competing against Gary White’s Hong Kong, North Korea and Mongolia for the one spot in the final round of the East Asian Championship and the chance to compete against the region’s best – China, South Korea and Japan. 

Taiwan will be lucky to win one game in the next round at this point, and football will likely start its regression back to the wilderness it has been dragged from by Gary White and his team over the last 10 months or whatever it has been. I will be pleasantly surprised if I am wrong, but the CTFA can’t even decide who is in charge, the team has no manager and no warm-up games are arranged. The EAFF now is likely to be an absolute disaster if things aren’t sorted quickly but as the infighting has gone on for months now the likelihood of it being solved quickly is nonexistent and a FIFA ban is likely to come quicker than finding out who is in charge of football in Taiwan. 

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