Taiwan unlikely to have a new manager until after the CTFA president elections

Taiwan left managerless as White left for Hong Kong

Earlier this week Gary White left to take charge of the Hong Kong national side which leaves Taiwan without a manager as they should be preparing for the East Asian Championships that take place next month. 

The sooner they get someone in, the better it would be if they want to have any chance of progressing to the third round for the first time, but therein lies the problem; progressing to the next round is not the highest priority to the CTFA. 

It is still unclear who is in charge of Taiwanese football at the moment 

FIFA came and FIFA went but the election dispute still rumbles on. The longer it carries on, the bigger the risk becomes that Taiwan will be kicked out of all international competitions by FIFA. The election is finally expected to be held once and for all on the 10th October. 

Even though this is supposed to be the final election, it still might not be the last we hear of it, as the people in power now desperately try to hang onto what they have by any means possible, even if it means creating associations that don’t exist to vote for yourself. A person who is willing to go that far isn’t likely to just release control easily, even if he loses in the election fairly, but from everything that has been reported about both sides the election is anything but fair. 

Taiwan should be preparing for East Asian Cup, instead they have no manager 

Taiwanese football at the moment could be considered to be in a bit of disarray, especially if they don’t sort out the election arguing and get a national team manager in place. The EAFF second round is said to be in Taiwan next month according to Wikipedia with no set dates stated.

With other nations preparing already, Hong Kong have two friendlies lined up – at home to Thailand, and away to Indonesia, Mongolia have competed in the first round and will be ready, and North Korea have a friendly arranged against Uzbekistan all this while Taiwan sit and continue the infighting which will hinder their chances of progressing on the pitch. A lot of Taiwanese fans have started to realize they just don’t care, the only problem is there isn’t a huge number of hardcore Taiwanese football fans to force a change, or make them do anything differently. 

With the East Asian Championship second round fast approaching, Taiwan will be lucky to win a game at this rate, no manager of the team, no manager of the association and seemingly now no hope of progress. Unless a manager is brought in soon and they start preparing I can’t see any hope of progressing to the final round of the East Asian Championships where they’d have the chance to play against South Korea, Japan and China. 

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