Taiwan are finally able to call up a full senior side

Taiwan finally call up senior for friendly with Malaysia

Taiwan has had some pretty tragic results over their last few internationals however, there has been a key reason for this. Taiwan’s games in India and the Asian Games all fell outside of Fifa’s recognized international windows and therefore Taiwan was unable to call up any player who was participating in leagues outside of Taiwan.

That left Taiwan devoid of their professional players, as the league in Taiwan is semi-pro at best. So the results may have looked bad, but other teams were able to call up more senior players, or the teams they played against had stronger or more competitive leagues. 

The experienced players should make a difference

The senior players should make a big difference, Taiwan’s captain Chen Po-Liang has just completed 100 games for Zhejiang Greentown (formally Hangzhou Greentown) and I have no way of knowing but I would suspect he is the first Taiwanese player to ever complete 100 games for a club outside of Taiwan. To have him back in the squad is monumental, he makes a massive difference to the team and is vital to Taiwan’s progress. 

Other big-name players who are back included, Wen Chih-Hao, Chen Hao-wei, Li Mao, Will Donkin, and Onur Dogan. One player surprisingly missing from the squad is Qingdao’s Yaki Yen but we are certain he is likely to be involved again soon enough. 

The squad for the friendly against Malaysia

Taiwan faces Malaysia in an international friendly which will take place in Taipei. The game is on September 7th, and kick-off is 7pm (Taiwan time). The game is being used to prepare for the East Asian Championships.


Pan Wen-Cheih (Tatung)
Chiu Yu-Hung (Taipower)Tsai Shuo-Che (Hasus TSU)
Hung Tzu-Kuei (Hasus TSU)
Chen Wei-Chuan (Tatung)
Wang Ruei (Taipower)
Wang Chien-Ming (Gwangju, South Korea)
Chen Sheng-Wei (Hasus TSU)
Cheng Hao (Hasus TSU)
Lin Chang-Lun (Taipower)
Chen Chao-An (Hunan Billows, China)
Chen Hung-Wei (Hasus TSU)
Will Donkin (Crystal Palace, England)
Chao Ming-Hsiu (Hasus TSU)
Tu Shao-Chieh (Ming Chuan University)
Wu Yen-Shu (Hualien High School)
Li Mao (Taipower)
Onur Dogan (Tatung)
Wei Mao-Ting (Hang Yuen/Fujen University)
Cheng Ching-Hsuan (Hang Yuen/Fujen University)


Chen Ting-Yang (Taipower)


Chen Yi-Wei (Taipower)


Chen Hao-Wei (Beijing Enterprises, China)

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