Muto should start for Newcastle against Leicester

Newcastle should shake up their forward line by giving Muto a shot 

Yoshinori Muto has had to be content with small cameo appearances so far, but with Ayoze Perez flattering to deceive in the attacking midfield/second striker role then it should be time for Muto to be given a shot there to show what he can do. 

Perez performed well at the back end of last season and got the goals that made sure we stayed in the division so therefore has deserved his chance to start but he often drifts in and out of games, he is either an integral part of the victory or he is barely seen. What can’t be faulted about Perez is no matter if he is having a good game or a bad game he still puts in the effort, and Muto looks to be in the same mould in that regard, so nothing would be lost in the team regarding the work rate. Muto should, however, be given a shot from the start of a game.

Rafa could really mix it up with Muto and Perez

Benitez seems to love having a big lump up top as a target man, so far it hasn’t worked albeit against some of the most difficult opponents in the Premier League. If Benitez really wanted to mix it up, he could try playing both Perez and Muto up front, a few other teams play with just little fellas up front, and what we would lose by dropping the target man – strength, hold up play, aerial power – would mean we also gained other qualities such as – better movement, runs in behind, quicker play – that’s assuming that it would actually work well, which isn’t always the case.

Joselu busts a gut to do well but he clearly isn’t up to standard and isn’t the answer even if no one can fault the amount of effort he puts in, and so far big Rondon looks like a unit but can seemingly only manage to play half a game. If that keeps up until the winter transfer window throwing on Muto and Perez together could be an alternative option to the immobile lump that should be a battering ram but hasn’t worked that way up until now. Although if Rondon can get fitter and start playing full games he looks the tits in that respect.

I’d love to see Rafa play two strikers

I would love to see Rafa play two out and out strikers, it has worked well for Watford so far who is one of the few teams in the Premier League I have spotted doing it, but my guess is that Rafa doesn’t believe we have the current options in midfield to play this way even if he wanted to.

Although does Rafa want to play two forwards? It doesn’t seem like it. The 4-4-1-1 is clearly his favoured formation and we will likely play this way from now until the end of the season. Most of the time our attacking players are too far from the striker, but Rafa knows better than I do and he will get results soon enough. I am just old school and sick of seeing one striker in every game of footy, if we played two strikers then the big lump up top would have someone mobile to help him out. That is all in theory, but our midfield would be exposed more and with the team, we have that is a massive risk so it’s obvious the reason why Rafa wouldn’t take the plunge in trying two forwards. Rondon or Joselu would greatly benefit from having Muto or Perez buzzing around them though, helping out higher up the pitch.

I believe Muto will get a shot from the start today mainly because we have barely scored or attacked. And when we do attack we look powder puff in front of goal.

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