Mongolia win EAFF-E1 Championship first round

The final round of matches has concluded and Mongolia hold top spot to advance

Going into the last round of matches Mongolia was pretty much certain of having been guaranteed to take the top spot. However, they still had to make sure they did not lose against Guam. If they did lose against Guam it would give Macau a slim chance of overtaking them. 

The scenario basically was this, Guam had to beat Mongolia, and Macau had to score a billion goals to defeat the Northern Mariana Islands. A billion may be a slight exaggeration but you get the point. 

Both games ended in a draw

Macau amazingly didn’t manage to defeat the Northern Mariana Islands who I assume will be delighted that they managed to get a point. I’ll need to do some research but I am sure it could very possibly be their first ever point in this competition and shows they are progressing, albeit slowly. 

The game ended 1-1 between Macau and Northern Marianas so that meant Mongolia only had to not lose by Guam, and even then if they did lose to Guam and end up on equal points, Guam would also need a million goals. The reason every other team needed loads of goals was that Mongolia defeated Macau 4-1 and the Northern Mariana Islands 9-0. This meant Mongolia’s goal difference was beyond healthy, and with only three teams really in contention to take that one and only spot available for the next round of games against Taiwan, North Korea and Hong Kong; then the goal difference becomes handy and is exactly like the cliché – as good as an extra bloody point!

Mongolia and Guam drew 1-1 with both goals coming right at the death. Guam taking the lead in the 89th minute through Mediola but Mongolia weren’t to be defeated playing this competition on home soil for the first time ever and Norjmoogiin Tsedenbal popped up with a 94th minute equaliser to ensure that Mongolia didn’t lose any of their three matches. Defeating Macau, and the Northern Mariana Islands then drawing with Guam in the final game. This meant this finished top of the group with 7 points and a mighty goal difference of +12 from their three games. 

Mongolia advance to the second round 

With only one spot available for the winners of the group to advance to the second round, and the same again for the teams involved in the second round. This competition is one difficult one to navigate never mind stand a chance of winning for one of the sides outside of China, Japan and South Korea who because of their rankings get a bye to the final round every time. 

So Mongolia takes the only second-round spot available and will advance to play against Taiwan, North Korea and Hong Kong. The games will be played in Taiwan and the first two games will be played in November with no set date yet as far as I can see. 

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