Chilean midfielder makes racist gesture

The Chilean players have been doing themselves no favours in South Korea this week. As their midfielder, Diego Valdes was photographed making a derogatory gesture when being photographed with Korean fans. While some of the players made a video in which the shouted about the Koreans 'open your eyes'. 

Both of these incidents will be seen as racist by the people of Korea and it is absolutely unacceptable. At least the Chileans could not pick up a win during their trip as the game between the two sides ended goal-less.

Son did get to hand out his own revenge also in the best way as he nutmegged Valdes in the first two minutes of the match with a lovely bit of skill.

Unfortunately, this kind of behaviour is far too common as Diego Maradona was accused of doing the very same gesture to South Korean fans during a World Cup game. It will now be hoped that FIFA can take action against the player too. 

Worrying, however, is when Chilean coach Reinaldo Rueda was questioned on the matter he said: "Let's talk about football." It is hopped at the time he had not understood the full situation and he will now discipline his player. 

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