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Taiwan Shirts 

Taiwan football shirts are hard to find, even for people currently living in Taiwan so we have decided to offer a service in helping people who want to buy them make the purchase. The current shirt has a Crested Serpent Eagle imprinted onto the front design of the shirt. This is a design which is unique to Taiwan and is manufactured by Taiwanese company TorStar. 

The shirts come in two inverted colours, the home shirt is blue, and the away shirt is white. The sizes of the shirts are Asian sizes, for anyone who hasn’t lived in Asia they are similar to Topman – a large being small, so on and so forth. We cannot offer refunds because the supplier doesn’t offer refunds, so you need to make sure you check the size guide correctly, otherwise you might end up looking like Dafyd from Little Britain. 

Every shirt bought helps us keep this site running

Every shirt sold goes a small way in helping us to keep the site running, and hopefully, in the future, we can provide much more content other than written blogs. Every shirt sold goes that little way of helping us develop the site more, and giving us more opportunities to bring more of our ideas, and dreams for the site to reality. We are thinking big, even though we have had to start off small…we know where we want to get to and with help from readers we can get there faster, so thank you in advance to anyone helping us out by purchasing Taiwan shirts. 

Some things we would like to do in the future

We especially want to bring more video content to our site, and to do this takes up a lot of hours: planning, recording and editing but it is definitely something that we will get round to bringing your way, we have tried a couple in the past but we want to find a way to make them better on our limited budget. Once we have figured that out you can expect it to happen.

Long term, we have a lot of exciting ideas for the site to bang, but I would prefer to keep them under wraps now because thieves definitely are thieving and we can’t be having that. If they did happen I would have to Hong Kong Phooey chop them dead, and that scenario wouldn’t end well for me or them. 

We don’t make much from helping people buy the shirts 

In providing this service for people, we really don’t make much money from it. Most of the money goes to the supplier of the shirts, and we get a fraction to throw at the website costs, but every penny helps, and we are thankful to every penny we get from anyone who supports us, you’re all legends. 

So throw your pennies our way and get a Taiwan footy shirt today…you know you want to. - if the size you want isn’t in stock with the supplier we can still buy it for you but they said it will take up to 1 month or more for them to get it. So if you’re willing to wait, stock or no stock; it makes no difference.   

To buy a Taiwan football shirt, please use the contact page to get in touch. And again, thank you all.

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  1. Hey, so I'd be keen on buying one of those kits!

    1. Hi there, unfortunately this is the last World Cup shirt. They have since released a new shirt

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