Bayern Munich want Son Heung-min now he is exempt from military service

German giants want to sign military free Son

Now that Son has arrived back in London with a shiny Asian Games medal in his pocket, German giants Bayern Munich are having a few scouts pop over to Wembley to have a peek of the South Korean attacker. Munich will have to throw a whole bundle of cash at Spurs if they really plan on signing him, because he is an integral part of Tottenham’s squad and it’s unlikely that Mauricio Pochettino wants to flog him considering the whole military exemption thing, and Tottenham played a big part in allowing him to achieve that, without their help he wouldn’t have played in the Asian Games. 

If Munich is interested in him now, it’s unlikely to have just happened because he won the Asian Games. They would have been monitoring the situation, waiting to pounce if the Asian Games was won, now they’ve been won and out comes the news – Munich want Sonny Jim! 

Son would be a replacement for Robben and Ribery

Arjen Robben and Franck Ribery can’t keep playing at the highest level with Bayern like they have for the past hundred years it seems. Although Bayern seems to walk the German league every season anyway so it clearly hasn’t been a huge challenge as it used to be, Dortmund used to threaten more than they have over recent years. 

Those two pairs of boots would be difficult boots to follow, both of them have had excellent careers, and been excellent players for Bayern Munich, but Son is magic on his day, and if there are a few players in the Premier League who could go to Bayern and do as well as those two, then he is one of them, therefore it is not difficult to see the logic in there being interest from Bayern. 

Munich’s staff were at Leverkusen with Son 

Bayern Munich’s staff were at Leverkusen at the same time Son was, maybe they should have allowed him to go to the Asian Games at the time and then the whole world wouldn’t have been battered with article after article about him maybe having to go to Korea to run around in a mountain pretending to be an army man, while trying to represent the army teams in the K League. 

We jumped on the bandwagon too, and why the hell would we not – it was just one of those golden things that would be criminal to pass up on, now it has passed and he is out of national service. Good for Son, and good for all the other members of South Korea’s Asian Games team, the media clearly forgetting that there were 19 other players in South Koreas squad who in the words of big Mitrovic will be happy to the moon and back that they don’t need to do the army thing. Mentioning the others doesn’t collect clicky bait though so, therefore, crap rags like the Sun don’t bother and even after the whole thing is over still mention he defeated the draft every time they write his name in an article, the crap houses! 

That all could have been avoided though if these folk who worked at Leverkusen let Son answer the call the last time around when South Korea won the bloody Asian Games but did they let him go? No, they bloody well didn’t because the Asian Games is a two bob tournament with a big prize on the line for South Koreans. Therefore the fellas at Bayern from Leverkusen will know all about Son’s ability and will be banging the drum named Son as the player who can fill some Robben and Ribery shaped boots, will Danny Levy say no to a massive bid for Son…guess we will have to watch this space and see what happens when Bayern say to Son, “It could be you!”

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