Yoshinori Muto granted a work permit to sign for Newcastle

Muto granted a work permit 

Newcastle and Muto had to wait for an FA Governing Body Endorsement (GBE) hearing before he could officially become a Newcaslte United player even though Newcastle, Mainz and the player had all agreed to the transfer. 

Muto didn’t meet the automatic criteria set by the FA GBE because he hasn’t played in enough games for Japan, which means Newcastle would have had to appeal the work permit decision in order for it to go to a hearing. The GBE granted a work permit and the signing was made official on Newcastle United’s social media platforms yesterday. 

He can bring work rate and energy

Benitez said he has signed Muto to bring work rate and energy to the attacking side of Newcastle’s game, this is the style of player Benitez likes and he has built his Newcastle team in the same manner. 

At the moment of writing he will battle it out in the attacking spots against Joselu, Dwight Gayle and Ayoze Perez, Muto will add something different into this mix, but what is prevalent in Rafa’s signings is he demands hard work and 100 per cent effort in every game.

Muto is capable of playing as a wide striker, a deep lying striker or an out and out striker which gives Rafa a multitude of options in how to utilize his new addition to the squad. 

Muto becomes the first Japanese player to play for Newcastle United 

Muto said that he is honored to become the first Japanese player to play for Newcastle, and he quickly follows in the footsteps of fellow East Asian recruit Ki. One thing all players from Japan and Korea will give you is work rate, they’re well known for it so it’s no surprise that Rafa becomes the first Newcastle manager to sign East Asian players. 

Newcastle fans will be overjoyed if he becomes a more prolific Okazaki, Okazaki rarely gets plaudits because Jamie Vardy was hammering goal after goal, but Okazaki was one of the key components in Leicester’s Premier League win. 

Some fans of Newcastle have pointed out that Muto’s goal ratio isn’t the greatest for an attacking player but if plays anything like a key role that Okazaki has he will end up a Newcastle cult hero. 

Trouble brewing in Newcastle

Make no doubt about it, Muto is an excellent signing, but there is discontent brewing in Newcastle. The money spent on upgrading the squad from last season is a lot less than the money brought in from player sales, and TV revenue. 

The new signings will need to hit the ground running otherwise the atmosphere they find themselves playing in could turn into a powder keg. Hopefully for the Muto, Ki and the other Newcastle signings this does not happen. 

Muto is an excellent attacking addition to Newcastle’s side and offers them a different kind of threat in attack. If he hits the ground running, then it will be a brilliant place to play footy and an easy transition into the Premier League, however if things go badly at Newcastle and the wheels fall off it could be tough for the new signings if the atmosphere turns toxic because so far the signings have been welcome but the fans know that they aren’t adequate enough and the squad hasn’t been strengthened as much as it should have been. 

So, Muto is a cracking signing and Rafa has worked more magic bringing in quality players with Sports Direct bargain bucket prices. We predict that Muto’s style of play will make him become a cult hero at Newcastle. 

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