Taiwan face another difficult challenge against Indonesia

Taiwan will need another wall of resistance against Indonesia

Taiwan was pushed onto the back foot against Palestine on Friday night, and they will again need to produce another dogged performance against host nation Indonesia if they want to get a positive result. Taiwan produced a dogged display and ground out a 0-0 draw against Palestine despite having to face over 30 shots on goal. 

They will again need to show another gritty performance against a host nation who are likely determined to go far in this competition. Taiwan will again rely on their defensive trio of overage players to show guidance and leadership to the youngsters to guide them through another very tough encounter.

Taiwan will want to show more attacking impetus 

Taiwan was thoroughly on the back foot against Palestine from roughly 15 minutes into the game. Unable to get a foothold in midfield and attack, the Taiwanese team managed to stand firm in an absolute onslaught of pressure to come out of the game with an excellent and unexpected point. 

Even though Indonesia is the host nation there is no doubt that Taiwan will be wanting to show what they can do with the attacking side of their game. That point against Palestine could prove to be vital as it will give the young players a lot more confidence going into the game tonight against Indonesia because a lot of the youngsters won’t have any experience of playing competitive tournament football, therefore, getting the point in such difficult circumstances should be a huge morale booster.

We do hope that they have a plan B for the attack though, and don’t just continue to try the Taiwanese through ball all through the game. Try it, yes, but if it doesn’t work don’t keep doing it. 

The midfield need to offer more 

Taiwan’s centre midfield need to get stuck in more, and battle their way into the game. Against Palestine, the midfield was bypassed often, but what was excellent to see from the midfielders was even though they were obviously having a very tough game they didn’t just throw in the towel. 

They kept tracking their men, working hard and harrying the opposition. The Taiwan midfield will hopefully take up a notch and try and control the ball better, but it’s going to be another tough night against a strong Indonesian side who will be looking to entertain the home crowd. 

Indonesia will be roared on by a strong home crowd

The game against Indonesia is likely to be packed, with a fiercely hostile, and passionate atmosphere fully backing Indonesia to win the game. The Taiwanese players need to stand up to this fiery environment and show they have the nuts to go with the fight. 

Indonesian fans are famous throughout Asia for being one of the most passionate supporters from the region, and tonight will confirm that again. Therefore Taiwan need to keep the score level for at least the first 20 minutes to get the crowd on the backs of the Indonesian team because there is no doubt they’ll be expecting an easy win tonight and I don’t mean that in a bad way, but most teams do expect to beat Taiwan without really knowing a lot about the team. 

Taiwan’s overage defensive trio will be crucial 

Wang Rui, Pan and Cheng Ting Yang are going to be crucial again if Taiwanise going to get another positive result. The three of them were absolutely vital against Palestine, but unfortunatel,y Wang Rui went off with what looked like cramp. 

It wasn’t a surprise when Wang Rui got cramp because he was covering every blade of grass in defence and without hi,m Taiwan would have been in trouble. As there has only be 2 days between the Palestine game and the match tonight, then we can only hope Wang Rui has recovered enough to take his place in the starting lineup tonight. 

The three of them are absolutely vital for helping guiding the youngsters through the game as they have the most experience in the squad of playing for Taiwan, and that will be crucial if a positive result can be achieved. 

Another draw would be exceptional 

If Taiwan manage to get another draw from this game, then that would mean they have picked up 2 points against the toughest opponents in the group. Hong Kong are decent but Laos are one of the weakest sides from the South East region in Asia. 

Taiwan should be expecting to pick up a win against Laos, and the game with Hong Kong could be won be either side, so if they do manage to pick up another draw then Taiwan will be well on their way to the second round of the Asian Games. That would be unbelievable JEFF!

The game can be watched on YouTube if you’re based in Taiwan

If you’re based in Taiwan you can watch the game live on the MOE Sports YouTube channel, but if you’re outside of Taiwan it is likely to be region locked. I sent it to a friend in the UK and he was unable to watch it. 

If you are outside of Taiwan you could download a VPN and watch it by using that, that’s if you’re dying to watch the might of Taiwan battle their way to a positive result against Indonesia. 

Taiwan play Indonesia tonight – kick off 8pm (Taiwan time) 

The game will be shown live on MOD channel 202 or MOE Sports YouTube Channel. 

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