Taiwan and South Korea’s women face off in the Asian Games bronze medal match

South Korea start as favourites 

South Korea will start as favourites in this match against two sides who played each other in the group stage of this competition. South Korea dominated a lot of that match earlier in the tournament and this match could likely pan out in the same way if Taiwan decides to employ the same tactics. 

South Korea will be massively disappointed they are not playing in the final, especially after conceding an underserved own goal right at the end of their semifinal match against Japan. Will that spur them on to victory in this game, or will they still are despondent at how they lost the last game? 

Taiwan need to show more ambition if they want to win

Taiwan may be suffering from an inferiority complex in this competition against the big sides in the tournament. When Taiwan came up against the Maldives and Indonesia they had no problems beating them, attacking and scoring plenty of goals. 

However, when they have come up against the likes of South Korea and China they have resorted to typing for Taiwanese sides when they feel like they’re not as good as the opposition and used ultra-defensive tactics. With these tactics used, the one forward becomes isolated up front and has no support, the spaces between the defence, midfield and attack become too big, and the support doesn’t get anywhere near the Yu Hsiu-chin up front. What then happens is the ball if just booted aimlessly in the general direction of Yu Hsiu-chin and the poor lass has to run herself into the ground chasing aimless balls all game long. Even then, if she does win the ball the rest of the team are a good 40 yards behind her camped out on the edge of their own box. Taiwan needs to show more attacking intent or they will not beat South Korea.

The previous game seemed close, but wasn’t 

The game in the group between South Korea and Taiwan seemed close because it ended in a 2-1 win for South Korea. The scoreline however doesn’t tell the whole story, because Taiwan was camped out on their box for most of that game as they employed the standard long hoof tactic. 

South Korea was 2-0 up and cruising, but one of the long hoofs found Yu Hsiu-chin up front and she managed to score a good goal. Other than sporadic attacks like the one that got the goal it was complete dominance from the South Koreans, with the Taiwanese defence holding out as best as they could. 

Where can you watch the game? 

The game can be watched live on sports channel ELTA if you have MOD, if not you can use youtube channel MOE Sports who will be showing it live, and using the same feed as ELTA. The game kicks off at 16:00. The winner will claim third place at the Asian Games 2018.

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