Saudi Arabia knock China out of the Asian Games

Saudi Arabia cut through China’s defence like a hot knife through butter 

China were fancied as one of the underdogs going into this match, but Saudi Arabia are one of Asia’s powerhouses and their attacking through balls cut through China’s defence like a hot knife through butter. 

The Saudi’s scored all their goals first to put them 4-0 up with the game running into the 70th minute their looked to be no threat of a Chinese come back. Each of the Saudi’s goals came from the through ball, with the Chinese defence parting like the red sea to allow the Saudi attacker to run through leaving him with a one on one against the keeper. They managed to plonk the ball past him four times this way so you would think the Chinese might have done something about it. 

Amazingly, China staged a comeback at the 70th minute

Somehow, China suddenly started a fightback on the 70th minute, scoring a wonderful freekick that was chipped over the wall and into the top corner. Maybe the absolute sexiness of the goal made the Chinese players believe again. 

The sexy goals didn’t stop there either, the second goal the Chinese attacker took the ball down superbly, spun the defender and bashed it into the net. Lovely stuff from the Chinese, but why couldn’t they do this from the start of the match? 

The third goal was only slightly sexy, but if they didn’t score two bloody wonderful goals to begin with then this goal would have looked better. It involved some lovely teamwork, and a nod on to the attacking runner on the Chinese team to smash it on the 90th minute to make the score 4-3 to Saudi Arabia. 

If China played like they did for the last 30 minutes they would have won

If China had of played the same way for the first 70 minutes of the game, the way that they played the last 30 minutes they would have demolished the Saudi’s pretty easily. It seems pretty mental that they nearly overturned a 4-0 deficit in 30 minutes, what a mad game. 

The Chinese under 23 coach has receieved some backlash for this result in China, apparently he has been slated with the insult of saying he is only ‘assistant coach material’. Needless to say China didn’t expect to be dumped out in the last 16 of this competition but that is what has happened. 

Defence is China’s achilles heel

China, big time need to learn how to defend! The attacking play in this match was spot on, and the goals were brilliant from China, but the defending was shambolic. If they want to play that way, they need to get a bloke in like Keegan who knows how to batter teams and not worry too much about defending. 

So as it stands, the attacking players coming through the Chinese youth ranks looked good on this showing, but the defenders looked all at sea, is that down to the defenders ability though or the tactics of the coach? That question can only be asked by the Chinese Football Association and answered by the under 23 coach, either way this result should be thrown into a box labelled disappointing. 

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